Path of Exile Sentinel League Best Builds

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Patch 3.18 brought several global innovations to Path of Exile. Chief among them were Sentinels — ancient constructs that have outstanding power and give the wearer unique effects. This one and several other new league mechanics have had a significant impact on the PoE meta. In this regard, for everyone who is just getting acquainted with Path of Exile, as well as for those who have not had time to try out the new update and find a suitable playstyle for them, we have prepared a guide to Best Builds in Sentinel League.

The Best Starter Builds for Sentinel League

The PoE update did not significantly affect starters from the previous 3.17 version. You don’t have to worry about Archnemesis league starters becoming weak or unplayable. Below, we will talk about the best starter builds left in the Path of Exile new Sentinel League meta that has not been nerfed. They are still effective in the early game and easily scale into the end game.

Seismic Trap Saboteur

The Seismic Trap is one of the best low-budget and versatile Saboteur options, suitable for beginners to start. It combines simple gameplay with great damage, especially when fighting bosses.

A player uses Exsanguinate traps, with which he destroys large packs of mobs. In the case of large enemies, bear traps are used to immobilize them. Then he needs to cast Flame Dash to trigger Arcane Surge to spam all his Exsanguinate Traps, so he gets power frenzy charges. After that, all available Seismic Traps are installed near the boss with further detonation

The gameplay is associated with using these three skills. Most variations of the Seismic Trap Saboteur invest in either venom or crit, and the venom variant is especially easy to scale. If desired, with higher funding, the build can walkthrough all the content of the new PoE league.

Absolution Summoner Necromancer

The Absolution Summoner is considered one of the best minion-based Necromancer starter builds in PoE with incredible single target DPS and solid AoE damage. It can literally be called a one-button since the gameplay is associated with using a single Absolution and keeping all three Sentinels constantly active. Except for this cast, a player will only use Flame Dash or Dash for more comfortable movement and Molten Shell. The latter can be put on auto-cast whenever off-cooldown.

Optionally, the base Absolution Summoner can be combined with Vortex if you have Algor Mortis Gloves. In this case, chilling grounds will increase the Lightning DPS of your Sentinels. Using Convocation will also make gameplay more comfortable, as your minions will always stay close to you.

The Absolution Summoner is notable for the fact that a player does not need to spend any money to play it in the early stages. Moreover, it has a great development potential in the later game stages, when a player can afford to invest into Doryani’s Prototype and Melding of the Flesh Unique Jewel. But even the absence of the same Doryani’s Prototype will not make Absolution Summoner bad or less preferable.

Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder

The Poisonous Concoction is one of the best starters builds for clearing maps in the new PoE league. It bases on ranged attacks where Pathfinder throws acidic flasks that apply potent Poison/DoT effects on impact. The gameplay is similar to playing as a grenadier, but here user can either destroy groups of mobs from afar or jump into the middle of monster packs. The excellent survivability of this one allows a player to calmly face-tank end-game Bosses and pass PoE content without any problems.

A feature of this build is the absence of any weapon in the corresponding slot, as a Poisonous Concoction skill gem working condition. This condition may scare some, as well as the fact of three fewer gem sockets. However, after trying it, you will realize that you don’t really need a weapon.

The Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder combines amazing mobility, good clear rate, and solid single-target DPS. It has long established itself as one of the most balanced and comfortable top builds in Path of Exile.

Spectral Helix Raider

The Spectral Helix is a Raider class build that is literally a starter. It is not played in its original form till the end-game content. Spectral Helix Raider is based on the ability that throws a certain melee weapon (specifically the White Wind dagger) when activated. It spirals around the character, dealing piercing damage to all enemies hit. In case the weapon collides with an obstacle, it bounces a certain number of times.

The Spectral Helix Raider allows to play many different archetypes, and the core skill provides multiple different ascendancies and playstyles. Being quite versatile, it provides good defense, splendid AoE damage, and huge DPS on slow bosses with large hitboxes. However, Spectral Helix assumes that a player does not make direct contact with opponents and carries out attacks from a distance. Also, the build is quite cumbersome for active spells for a typical PoE starter, so be prepared that you will have to use your abilities a lot and often. Playing Spectral Helix itself is mostly about progressing until a player can afford to transition to a more comfortable and efficient Lightning Strike.

Skeleton Mages Summoner

The Skeleton Mages Summoner is a straightforward and inexpensive Witch build that can quickly clear all PoE Sentinel content. This one has been the best minion-focused build for several leagues. And even now, in 3.18, it still holds its own. It requires the Dead Reckoning gem, which transforms summoned skeletons into skeleton mages.

The main gameplay is associated with the constant summoning of skeleton mages who act as DDs. They fire projectiles that deal fire, cold, or lightning damage. A player focuses on increasing Witchs survivability and resummoning minions to keep their numbers on the battlefield.

The Skeleton Mages Summoner is perfect for beginners. Build manages to clear maps as well as kill all the bosses in the game. It also has great progression potential. However, unlike other summoner builds (e.g., Golemancer), the Convocation ability will not work on your minions. Although the pace of the game slows down because of this, it is easy to get used to it, and it does not cause significant discomfort.

Detonate Dead Necromancer

The Detonate Dead Necromancer is another Witch build, popular on both HC and SC. Players often call it broken and talk about a nerf waiting for it in the next league. But at the moment, it is one of the top OP builds in PoE that deals incredible damage.

A player uses Desecrate, which spawns corpses, followed by Detonate Dead, which explodes the summoned bodies and deals AoE damage through those explosions. The main advantage and mechanic of combination is the damage increasing proportionally to the amount of HP of the summoned corpses. The amount of HP of the bodies, just like the damage from them, depends on the level of the location.

Damage can also be increased by summoning specific spectres through the Raise Spectre ability. The Desecrate gem adds the specific spectre a player uses to the pool of dead bodies to summon. With this, he gets a spectre with more HP and does not have to worry about damage anymore. Players prefer to take Auric Colossus as the most optimal spectres.

Poe Best Builds

The best Builds in PoE are strictly individual for each player. Depending on the goals in the league, individual skills, playing experience, and personal wishes, everyone identifies the most preferred one for themselves. If you like to play through minions, then Skeleton Mages Summoner and Absolution Summoner are excellent options. Do you want to blow up crowds of monsters and fly around the maps? — Detonate Dead Necromancer with Seismic Trap will give you both. Are you looking for a challenge or atypical gameplay? — Spectral Helix and Poisonous Concoction will be the best for you. At the same time, each of them is not without the advantages of the others. That’s why they have deservedly been and remain the best builds in PoE.

The starters we have noted are the best not only because of the possibility of a fast and strong start in the game with them. We also included them because, with the proper desire and skill, any of you can quickly get used to each of them and later optimize for late-game and end-game content.

Developers continue to evolve the game and supplement it with content. Of course, with new updates, meta builds in PoE change or adapt. It is understandable, that not only beginners but also experienced players have questions about correct character development. Difficulties at the start, unfamiliar gameplay on a new build, unwillingness to spend many hours on leveling up the character and understanding the mechanics of its development — all these things can scare away from the exciting gaming experience that Path of Exile offers. However, you can always use the appropriate Poe services to get professional help from knowledgeable players.

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