Overwatch 2 Severely Punishes Cheaters and Toxic Players

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Overwatch 2 is taking strong measures to punish cheaters and toxic players. To keep the game fair and safe for all, the developers have outlined a series of new policies to address these issues.

According to their blog post, anyone caught cheating immediately receives a permanent ban. Those knowingly group with the violators will also get severe suspensions or prohibitions.

Blizzard is urging gamers to report any instances of unhealthy behavior they witness. The company will also monitor both text and voice chat. Everything said in the match will be recorded and transcribed. The Overwatch 2 staff will then review the transcripts. Depending on the severity of the offense, the wrongdoer may face the consequences such as account silencing or suspension.

The game will offer the option to hide BattleTags and other players’ tags to protect streamers. Their queue times will also be hidden. The issue of stream sniping remains a challenge. But the developers hope these measures will help prevent it and provide a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Overwatch 2’s commitment to a fair and safe gaming environment is commendable. It gives the game more hope to regain old users and welcome new ones.

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Bebo Juegosays:

Overwatch to is full of cheaters but they sure ban for trash talking. Maybe Ill just buy an aimbot since its allowed.