Overwatch 2 Season 2: Launch Date, All Upcoming Changes

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In less than a month, Overwatch 2 Season 2 will launch on December 6, right after the end of Season 1. Details of the new hero, map, as well as Battle Pass are introduced in this article.


Blizzard has announced the addition of a brand-new Tank named Ramattra, shedding light on the other side of the battle between Omnics and humans. The newcomer has 2 forms, each with a different appearance, abilities, attack range, armor, and HP stats.

Ramattra’s complete kit was leaked in Korea a few days ago. Though this is not official information from Blizzard, it’s still worth looking at.

Read more about the Former Omnic warlord here. It includes his backstory, further details about his 2 forms, synergy and counter, and how to unlock him.


In addition to the Null Sector’s former leader, the update also includes a new map’s arrival. It is said to contain some of his lore implications.

There isn’t any official information about what location it could be or its possible game mode. However, a well-known leaker on Twitter, Naeri X 나에리, has posted a video of a presumably new map. They said it was not the Nepal one despite their similarities. They also stated that a mode never seen before would be added.

Earlier, the same Twitter account leaked 2 additional maps set in India and Gothenburg.


The developers want to improve the players’ relationship with Battle Pass (BP). They want players to feel more rewarded. So you can look forward to a better 80-tier BP filled with exciting Challenges, cosmetics, and other prizes. With 1000 Overwatch coins, the Premium BP with 20 Bonus Tiers for 2200 coins shall be yours. Upon purchasing, you will instantly receive Ramattrai instead of having to reach him at tier 55.


In Season 1, players can unlock Genji’s Mythic Skin at the final BP level. However, there hasn’t been any leak this time about the cosmetics and who will receive the Mythic Skin. Many speculate that it might be for a tank or support. But we still need to wait and see.

You can expect to receive more than 30 unique skins in total. They are purchasable with either BP, Overwatch coins, or participating in in-game events.

Stay tuned for more of Overwatch 2 latest information, as it is constantly updated.

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