Overwatch 2 Dating Sim: Loverwatch – Love Never Dies

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Blizzard has recently released an Overwatch 2 dating sim called Loverwatch – Love Never Dies. It will be available until February 28, so don’t hesitate, and let’s jump right in to see what surprise awaits you.


The non-canon game can be accessed through a dedicated website. Blizzard notes that you’ll need to visit the website on a desktop. As it’s “not supported on most non-desktop web-based browsers and devices.”

You can choose to romance either Mercy or Genji. While that, Hanzo will be playing the role of Cupid. His job is to provide you with advice to win over the heart of your favorite characters.

The dating sim features many inside jokes and easter eggs. There is also a secret ending that may be unlocked depending on your actions toward Genji or Mercy.


Completing the game rewards you with a Cupid’s Kiss Hanzo highlight intro and titles. The highlight intro is part of an available bundle in the shop during the Ultimate Valentine’s event. It contains the Cupid Hanzo skin. Thus, if you are able to get the highlight intro from Loverwatch, you’ll get a discount when purchasing the bundle.

The release of Loverwatch – Love Never Dies has garnered a positive response from the gaming community. Many express their excitement at the opportunity to experience the Overwatch universe in a fresh and imaginative way. The game’s charming aesthetic, playful tone, and engaging mechanics have been lauded as a refreshing and delightful addition to the franchise.

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