Overwatch 2: New Hero Ramattra — A Better Future for All Omnics

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Overwatch 2’s new hero, Ramattra, is debuting in Season 2, starting December 6. A new map will also be presented based on his origins, containing more lore implications.


Ramattra was initially created to serve as the Null Sector leader in the Omnic crisis, fighting against humanity. Despite being designed as a war machine, he, along with his people, had found harmony. They wished to live peacefully together with humans. Still, all they got in return were only hatred and rejection.

As more and more Omnics suffered and perished at the hand of humans, the former war leader’s resentment and bitterness grew while his patience dwindled. Thus, he had to take action to protect his people and secure their future, no matter the cost.

Even if it means he would become a dangerous threat to others.

His Origin Story shed new light upon the Omnic war, revealing the other side of the battlefield.


Though the question about the newcomer’s abilities is what players are eager to know about, the developers don’t want to give players full details yet. As of now, it’s clear that one of Ramattra’s abilities allows him to switch between his 2 forms: Omnic and Nemesis. However, he only has one ultimate. Further information is not yet disclosed.

His Omnic form has the size of a standard tank with a staff weapon, allowing him to protect his teammates. This fits with poking gameplay as players can attack with extended range and defend their team with barriers.

His Nemesis form is one of Overwatch 2’s bulkiest models. In this shape, the new hero is capable of close-range fighting, attacking foes on a large scale, and striking fear into the heart of his squishy enemies. The Nemesis form has limited time. If it runs out, he will return to his long-range form. This poses a crucial decision for players when they want to switch between the two to maximize their impact in battles.


According to the developers, Lucio would be the best to synergize with this fascinating hero as he can speed boost the latter into the desired position.

Ramattra is a big target, so someone who can flank him from behind, for example, Ana and her Sleep Darts, will be his counter.

However, these are just the developers’ opinions. In reality, things might be much more different than what they said.


Players with Season 2 Premium Pass can obtain Ramatra instantly. However, he will be at Tier 55 for those who play for free.

This is all the information about Overwatch 2’s latest tank so far. Check out more news about Overwatch 2 here.

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