Join the Battle for Olympus in Overwatch 2 Latest Event

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The epic Battle for Olympus event has officially begun on January 5. Until January 19, you can participate and rise through the ranks on the global leaderboard in the action-packed, Greek-myth-inspired game mode for free.


What makes this mode interesting is you can only choose from a selected seven heroes. Each now claims the persona of a Greek god with their own Divine Power.

A match lasts 10 minutes. With your chosen hero, you need to reach the threshold of 20 takedowns before everyone else to secure the win. You can find Fortify Packs for some juicy temporary shields and health. When January 19 arrives, the hero who won the most matches will emerge as the victor.


The reward for the ultimate winner is a statue on the map of Illios Ruins.

By completing specific activities, you can earn new voice lines, titles, and the Legendary Winged Victory Mercy skin. But that’s not all. You will find new cosmetics and bundles in the shop. Whether you want to spend some Overwatch Coins on them is up to you.

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