Diablo IV Lilith Is Coming to Overwatch 2

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Diablo IV Lilith Is Coming to Overwatch 2

Lilith, the Mother of Sanctuary and the formidable final boss from Diablo IV, is making a grand entrance into Overwatch 2. This crossover is set to coincide with the latter’s much-anticipated Season 7: Rise of Darkness, scheduled for release on October 10.

The Queen of the Succubi will appear in Overwatch 2 as the skin of the support hero, Moira. Blizzard Entertainment’s President, Mike Ybarra, has confirmed this exciting addition.

Besides the arrival of Mephisto’s daughter, fans of both franchises are also in for a double treat. After all, just a week after O2’s season 7, D4’s Season of Blood is slated to launch on October 17

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