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The most valuable currency in Lost Ark is gold, which is one of many different types of money used there. You won’t even notice it at first, but as soon as you start upgrading T3 equipment, gold currency will become incredibly scarce. Sometimes, there may be situations when you have enough resources to improve your equipment but you don’t have the necessary amount of currency.

In this article, we try to figure out which activities are the best ways to get gold, what you should pay attention to when farming, and some earning tips.


Gold can be obtained from a sizable number of activities in Lost Ark. For some of them, there are daily limits that apply to the amount you can receive.


Dungeons can be explored as many times as you like each day, but only the first two times offer the chance to find gold. During the passage, you may stumble upon a room with a special NPC monster or a special boss, killing which you receive currency and resources.


Raids, like Chaos Dungeon, are daily, but with a slight difference. Your trophy consists of resources that are later sold at an auction for gold. Every day, there are two prizes awarded.


On the islands, Procyon’s Compass offers daily quests and rewards. From the presented tasks, you need to choose those in which gold currency is indicated in the award. There is a daily limit on receiving rewards, so it will not be possible to take everything from all the islands.


Every day you accumulate special Life Skill points and collect resources. These resources may be auctioned and sold to other players for gold. Do not forget to see which resources are more in demand in order to get more profit.


Also, in gold making, there are tasks that need to be completed several times a week in order to get a trophy in the form of currency to become available. Additionally, you may think about one-time tasks and activities to get it here.


You fill out a unique scale of Una’s Tasks on daily and weekly quests. On each segment of this scale, you may get a special currency, Una’s Tokens. The NPC will accept these tokens and give you golden bars, which you can then use to activate and obtain some gold. Una’s unutilized Tokens don’t vanish at the end of the week, allowing you to save them up and get more gold rewards.


This type of activity can not be unambiguously defined as daily, weekly, or one-time. You use treasure maps as you receive them from different events and quests in the game. Sea treasure maps are played solo, but regular maps (of different rarities) need to be completed in a group for more profit.


You may receive a trophy from a unique ghost ship event once per week in the form of gold currency. Depending on your gear score level, certain ships and trophies will be available. You can participate with your guild, or just write the name of the ship in the chat to search for players before starting. Additionally, a special feature may be used to search parties based on different activities.


Your access to particular dungeons changes depending on the tier level of your equipment. A weekly award can be given to each of them. It is important to note that in lower-level dungeons (low tier), you won’t receive currency. Don’t forget to pass these dungeons — they bring a good income.


In the Lost Ark, a lot of things are collected. You should focus on the Masterpieces if you want to earn a lot of gold. You may get an Artist’s Treasure Chest as a reward for discovering a specific number of masterpieces. These chests contain 8,000–20,000, which is quite a lot.


You may receive gold as payment for raising your rapport level with NPCs. First of all, pay attention to Punika Island. In total, you will be able to get about 6,000, which is pretty good.


One of the most profitable and challenging activities per week, for which you will receive a good amount of gold. At the moment, the Argos raid is available, and it is divided into 3 phases, in each of which you can get a reward. In the future, new raids may be added from the Korean version — Kaiser and Mystic.

Such dungeons must be navigated with good teamwork, coordination, and skills. You can always contact us for help in passing/farming these activities.


In Lost Ark, it’s considered high-level end-game content. You need to know a lot of mechanics, have experience in passing and have an experienced team. But the rewards will also pleasantly surprise you. This is the most profitable and mandatory weekly activity Raids on Valtan and Vyksa are now available in the game, each of which consists of 3 phases. You can get a gold reward for each phase.


It is important to make a separate note of this section of our gold guide. You may buy and sell a variety of items at an auction with other players for currency. You can increase your gold income by prioritizing quests and tasks to obtain the most expensive and specialized items. Pay attention to the following items: engravings, equipment upgrade resources, life skill materials, consumables, ability stones, equipment from Raids and Adventure Tome items.


Thank you for reading our article! We hope it will help save you time in the game, and you will be able to enjoy it. How to get more gold? You can always contact us and buy cheap Lost Ark Gold in the game section.

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