Lost Ark Players Falsely Banned for Botting, Smilegate Responds

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Smilegate recently initiated a ban wave targeting players for supposed botting. The famous MMORPG Lost Ark developer now faces the community’s backlash.

At first, the ban wave was to address the ongoing problem of botting in the game. The company’s decision to crack down on this is understandable. Botting has invaded the game for quite a while. The longer it stays, the more detrimental it will impact the gaming experience. By creating an unfair advantage for those using them, it allows them to level up much faster and gain the upper hand in PvP combat. This heavily reduces engagement and the fun in battles for legitimate players.

The balance of in-game resources is also affected, depleting faster and becoming harder to get.

Also, bots can be used to farm gold, items, and other resources that can be purchased with real money. A black market economy will then take place in the game. The situation also contributes to the inflation of in-game item prices.

Unfortunately, Smilegate’s action resulted in many gamers being falsely banned. Other than causing gamers frustration, the incident also left a black mark on their Steam profiles. Affected accounts could lose their credibility and receive permanent damage. Even though they don’t take part in dubious activities.

The studio has issued an official statement in an attempt to quell the community’s outrage. They are reversing the false executions. Also, they urge users to contact customer support if any issues remain.

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