Destined for Destruction Lost Ark Patch Overview

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«Destined for Destruction» Lost Ark Patch Overview

Lost Ark received a global patch «Destined for Destruction» in May. All of us waited it for a long time because of the large number of innovations:

Advanced class — Destroyer;

First Legion Raid — Valtan;

Cosmetic items;

Guardian — Deskaluda;

Global balance fixes.

This article presents all the patch changes that players should definitely be aware of. It’s time to go on a journey in Arkesia, and the Legion Raid — good place to start.

Legion Raid Overlook

The first Legion Raid designed for 8 people appeared in LA. The main requirement is 1415+ gs in Normal and 1445+ in Hard. Once Valtan was a strong commander, but one of his allies betrayed him — the warrior’s soul was torn into tiny pieces and consumed by the traitor Kharmin. The remains of Valtan were doomed to wander in the abyss forever until Akkan reassembled it, literally sewing it together piece by piece. Now Valtan is in endless suffering and constant pain, and his main goal is to destroy all life.

These instances are really hard and definitely require all players to follow tactics and proper coordination. Every boss has to be adjusted individually, which makes the gameplay more interesting and requires more skills from players. Complexity is compensated with control points called Gates, which preserve progress.

There are two gates in the Valtan Legion Raid. Group menu now allows you to search for a team to pass whatever gate you want. If you complete the first one and then quit the game, there is nothing to stop you from continuing from the second one during your next session.

Access to Legion Raids comes after completing the tutorial and the «Resurrected Lord of Destruction» questline, which tells players the history of the Demon. After this, entrances will be located in major cities.

Sidereal Skills Mechanic

In new Raids players will encounter Siderials. These creatures help in battles against bosses and commanders, but before that you need to fulfill certain conditions to complete the counter. Only the group leader will be able to enlist their support. Sidereals will give players unique skills for each commander:

Thirain — allows you to create a light blast and gain the Weak Point ability;

Wei — Dochul appears on the battlefield and launches several devastating attacks;

Balthorr — heroes in a certain radius get magical protection, which saves them from damage and dangerous Legion Commander’s attacks.

If you have difficulties during the raid, it is worth using Siderials skills. This will greatly increase your winning chances.

Legion Raids Rewards

The complexity of the Legion Raids justifies itself, because players can be rewarded with a lot of useful things: resources for creating legendary items, Relic accessories, Gold and other resources.

The Valtan Hard mode gives a lot of rewards. Players get items and resources for all challenges in LR, but useful ones go to those who pass the final stage. These are bonus chests, like those given from Abyss and Abyssal Dungeons.

Lost Ark New Advanced Class — Destroyer

It can be said that Destroyers have a power of gravity, because their weapon does truly magical things. The new Advanced class will be the fourth in the Lost Ark for Paladin, Gunlancer and Berserker. An overview of the destroyer’s skills and mechanics allows you to see if the character suits your playstyle:

Concentration Skills — this type allows you to accumulate Gravity Cores to later collapse all power with the second type, gain a shield and an attack power bonus;

Gravity Release Skills — apply a damage-absorbing shield of 10-30% and increase damage by 10-45% depending on the number of accumulated cores;

Hypergravity Mode — Destroyer’s identity skill. All enemies around become slower, their movement and attack speed is reduced, and the hero gets a powerful shield and protection from many negative effects;

Vortex Gravity — ability available during ultimate. A strong AoE allows you to blow up everything around, and then draw the enemies to hero.

Until the end of June all players have the opportunity to quickly develop their Destroyer. Just pass the event «A Feiton Powerpass», and receive a base character of maximum level with 960 gs at the end or «Express Mission», accelerating Tier 1/2 phase and rewarding items and necessary materials.

New Lost Ark DfD Activities

There are many changes in South Vern: 3 new lvls added to Chaos Dungeons. Access opens after completing the «Invading Chaos Wave» task. Attendance conditions are simple — 1415, 1445, 1475 gearscore for levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively. From 1415 gs players can also visit the South Vern Ghost Ship or Secret Dungeons.

Guardian Raid — Deskaluda

The Lost Ark world is facing dark times, as a dangerous Guardian named Deskaluda has invaded Arkesia. Players with 1415 gearscore and higher will have to embark on a new raid to fight back the ancient creature and prevent darkness from coming. You can do it solo, as well as with two or three teammates.

Destined for Destruction Update Summary

In the new patch a lot of cosmetic items were added, reworked guild tasks and activities, improved Auction House, Stronghold, globally redesigned all class balance and fixed many bugs. More details about all changes can be found in the official developers release patch note at the link.

The developers are steadily working with Lost Ark and already known the new features in June-July:

Advanced Mage Class — Arcanist. Developers plan to release new classes every 2 months, so Arcanist is worth waiting for in July. This is the third one for Bard and Sorceress;

Second Legion Raid — Vykas. Same conditions as Vatlan with Normal and Hard difficulties;

Guardian — Kungelanium. The entrance condition is to have 1460+ gs;

Thronespire — new single player dungeon. Heroes need to have 1325 gs. This is a real challenge, because the battle will last until the victorious end;

Inferno Valtan — a unique mode much more difficult than Hard. Tactics and abilities will change and become more dangerous, but the rewards will be more generous.

Passing Legion Raids can be a real challenge in Lost Ark, but there is always a solution — you can ask for help from the professionals, who will help you in a very short time with the Valtan raid completion.

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