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Lost Ark is one of the most popular games at the moment in Korea. This popularity has now reached regions of Europe and USA. More and more new players are coming to this game, so we decided to prepare a lost ark beginner guide for them.

There are many things to do in Lost Ark, so in this article we look at where beginners should start. We will tell you about play activities and give you some tips that may help you avoid mistakes at the beginning.


At the beginning, we should immediately indicate that, despite the abbreviation MMORPG, most game content is explored solo. It is focused on PVE content, with some PVP activities.

For getting started in Lost Ark, you don’t have to look for other players or guilds. Only high-end activities require a group of 4 to 8 players. Yes, you only need 3 or 7 friends for challenging raids in order to finish the game. Even if you don’t have them, a special match-making function allows you to quickly create a party, even from other servers. But if these are random people, not your friends, then high-level dungeon bosses might be very difficult. However, you may always Order Lost Ark services on our website.

It is safe to say that Lost Ark is for explorers, enjoyers of beautiful stories and collections, but at the same time, it may put challenges in various play modes: dungeons, raids, arenas, world bosses, island captures, sea voyages, etc.


So, how to get started in Lost Ark? Of course, with the choice of a character. The game features five main archetypes, each of which has several classes. It is also important to note that each archetype was initially assigned a gender lock. Mages with related classes can only be female, whereas Warriors are exclusively male. Later, developers added functionality for gender selection, but in fact it is a choice of new classes, which has some differences from the original. Not every class has the ability to choose its body type.

Let’s now review all of this. We have prepared a detailed article about classes.


In Lost Ark basics, these are warriors in full armor with huge weapons. There are four classes available: Berserker, Paladin, Gunlancer, and Destroyer.

Berserker — killing machine that has a huge two-handed sword as their armament. They can go into a rage, increasing their critical chance.

Destroyer — slow character, but it compensates for it with a massive damage from their two-handed gravity hammer.

Gunlancer — warrior with shield and gunlance. The tankiest class of them all. Gunlancer makes a large number of shields for themselves and their teammates. Has an ability to provoke enemies.

Paladin — holy warrior with a sword and book. Thanks to their abilities, they can both heal and strengthen allies.


Currently, there are three classes available: Sorceress, Bard, and Arcanist. Things to know: in future updates, a fourth will also be added, which summons magical creatures of various elements.

Sorceress — classic elemental mage with staff, and great Area of Effect damage..

Bard — full-fledged support that is welcome in any group. Thanks to their harp, they may play music for strengthening or healing depending on the situation.

Arcanist — an unusual magic character whose weapon is a deck of spell cards. Faster than usual magicians, whose damage depends not only on the player’s experience but also on random effects of cards.


Classes of this archetype use mainly long range weapons. Four male classes are available (Artillerist, Sharpshooter, Machinist, Deadeye), and one female (Gunslinger) has also been added.

Artillerist — slow guy with a huge two-handed multifunctional cannon that compensates for large Area of Effect damage.

Sharpshooter — fast and mobile archer with a mechanical hawk. One of two characters that has invisibility.

Machinist shooter with a machine gun and a flying drone. Also, the drone can merge with them and turn into Marvel’s Iron Man. No kidding.

Deadeye / Gunslinger — this character (male / female) is armed with two pistols, two shotguns, and a sniper rifle, each of which has its own special abilities. It is considered quite difficult to play, especially for beginners.


This archetype includes martial artists from four female classes (Wardancer, Scrapper, Soulfist, Glaivier) and one male (Striker). Each of them has their own special fighting style.

Wardancer / Striker — these classes are armed by small brass knuckles and are the fastest in Lost Ark.

Scrapper — mobile character with large armor-piercing brass knuckles that deal crushing blows to raid bosses.

Soulfist — versatile fighter with a flying charm who has melee and ranged combat skills. In certain circumstances, their ultimate ability may deal great damage.

Glaivier — fighter with a glaive who can switch between attacking and defending stances. They have good Area of Effect damage.


This archetype has three female classes. There are currently two available: Deathblade and Shadowhunter. In future updates, new assassins will be added with daggers and the ability to become invisible.
Deathblade — warrior with two blades and a two-handed sword. They may increase the backstab damage for themselves and their group.

Shadowhunter — fighter with two shadowblades, who can take the form of powerful demons.

After selecting an archetype, you can either complete its starting prologue or skip it. In this case, you immediately receive level 10 and are able to make a choice of subclass in a special training zone. Here you can test some abilities, watch animations of abilities, and choose what you like the most. Next, all players of all classes start in the same location.


In general, the maximum character level is 60, but all main activities and content are available at 50. You can use our lost ark tips and tricks to quickly raise levels (in this case, read other Lost Ark Guides here), or… go on another way.

Slowly explore each location, complete all side quests, and get additional useful rewards and experience. Lost Ark has an “Adventurer’s Tome” system that rewards players. One of the most valuable of these awards is skill points, which are available to all characters on your account at once. This way, you won’t have to do tasks again in the future if you want to play another class.

There is a system of “inheritance” for items like money, songs, skill points, NPCs’ reputations, ships, achievements, etc. It makes a lot of achievements and discoveries instantly available to your new characters.


Until you get to level 50, you will not have all your abilities available. In the process of completing story quests, you’ll learn about new mechanics and how to use them in practice as part of the Lost Ark tutorial.

It doesn’t really matter what abilities you use — you may quickly change them in the process and try something new. But we recommend several tips for beginners:

When you reach the maximum level for your character, various activities and PVP modes become available.

You may create many skill builds for each of them. You may save ready-made presets of skills and equipment and switch between them. There are many builds for different types of content that you can find on the Internet.


One of the main tips is not to spend blue crystals (game shop), gold, and pirate coins. There are many ways to do this with high-end content, but it’s better not to do it at the beggining. And as for silver, from level 50 you may farm it by using large quantities of Una’s Tasks, so it is not so important.

The same goes for resurrection feathers. What happens when you die in Lost Ark? Generally, nothing. You may always start over from a checkpoint after dying in a dungeon. Items drop off you when you’re dead. What are these feathers for? During events, islands, or raids, it is sometimes important to resurrect in the same place so as not to waste time, which is very limited. If you are just going through a regular dungeon, which is unlimited by a timer, then there is no need to spend.

There are also combat items (Flame Grenade, Frost Grenades, etc.) that you can use for quickly killing bosses at the end of dungeons.


It is extremely important to start improving relations with NPCs from the beginning. When you reach certain levels, you can get good rewards, including points of characteristics, skill points, cards, and items to complete the Adventurer’s Tome. Try to complete all limits on interaction with NPCs every day. At first, you can only get emotions, but in the future you may learn new ones.


Unlike many MMORPGs, this one has quite a few PVP activities. As we wrote at the beginning — this game is focused on the PVE solo play content.

The main thing that a guild needs is the extraction of a special clan currency, which is credited for completing daily and weekly tasks. In a special clan store, you may get a lot of useful items.

Weekly guild tasks include killing a special boss, engaging in a PvP battle on an island to capture it. A separate continent with open-pvp locations will also be added soon.

Lost Ark also has a special PVP arena for 3×3, 1×1 and deathmatch battles. A 3×3 rating mode is also available, but you cannot participate as a pre-made party. It is only available in random match-making. All characters in the arena are equalized. Many abilities (set bonuses of equipment, engravings, etc.) are disabled. Additionally, leveling your character to 50 is not necessary before you can play PVP arena mode. Now it’s enough to walk along the main story quest to the first major city, which is about level 25.

So, if you are a PVP player, who likes arena modes, you can quickly level up different classes to play on a par with other long-playing players.

It’s all things to know about the lost ark at the start of your journey. There are a lot of discoveries ahead of you, and we hope that this article will help along your adventure path in the game!

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