Making the Most of Diablo Immortal’s Endgame

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Getting to level 60 is not the end of your in-game journey. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Explore the endgame of the new Diablo title with us today to get a taste of what’s to come when you finally hit that max level.

NetEase and Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal launched a tad more than a month ago, and the most active players have already hit the sought-after Level 60 milestone. If you are one of those leveling champs – or have to take just a few steps to get there – we’ve got great news for you. When the 1-60 leveling ends, the real fun begins, so welcome to the endgame and get ready to rock and roll.

From unlocking new difficulty levels to participating in the epic clash between ancient factions, here’s our guide to Diablo Immortal’s endgame. Hop in and enjoy!

What You Need to Know About Diablo Immortal’s Endgame

The main thing you have to get acquainted with is a unique endgame leveling system called Paragon. Paragon levels are earned the same way as those before lvl 60: by playing the game and gaining XP. That’s the simple part. The fun starts with points that you get for leveling, one per each level.

The points can be invested into skills in one of the six skill trees to give you slight power bonuses. The more points you slot into a skill tree, the more buffs and stat bonuses you will receive. What to spec into and how to distribute points is entirely up to you, but you have to be wise and deliberate, because Paragon leveling is not an easy task to do, so try not to waste your points on useless skills.

Each tree can take up to 100 points, so if we do some quick maths, the highest Paragon level you can hit with all your specs maxed out will be 600. This is an absolutely insane number to even think of, not to mention actually reach, but if you want to get anywhere near it, there’s a whole ton of grinding to do, and you better start working on it right now.

All in all, Diablo Immortal’s endgame is more PvP-focused, but those who are more into PvE will not be out of work either, with plenty of stuff to get their hands on. So, what exactly should you be doing after you climb all the way up to level 60 in Diablo Immortal? Let’s start with the very basics.

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Just Hit Level 60 in Diablo Immortal, So What’s Next?

Finally seeing that fancy number of 60 on your character puts a proud smile on your face. Take a moment to appreciate your achievement, but don’t get too comfy yet. This is only the first step on a long and thorny way that lies ahead of you, so you’ve got plenty of work to do if you want to enjoy Diablo Immortal’s endgame to the fullest. And since we all need to start somewhere, here’s a short list of things you need to do once you’ve reached level 60.

Do the Legacy of the Horadrim Quest

The quest becomes available at level 49, but lots of players ignore it at that time, focusing more on gaining XP and leveling up faster. However, this quest is essential as it unlocks the Vessels system that grants you attribute buffs and other useful bonuses. With a total of nine Vessel slots to fill, the system offers you a bunch of stats to upgrade, which is a great source of extra power for your character to tap into.

Complete the Main Campaign

Making it to lvl 60 in Diablo Immortal without beating the game’s campaign is not very typical, but not impossible when you drift away from the main story to do side-quests or earn XP by just grinding dungeons non-stop. If that’s your case, we highly recommend you get back to the campaign and finish it. Main story quests are the easiest way to get XP, resources and items, especially Legendary gems, which are very rare goodies to come by. But most importantly, only by beating the campaign will you be able to play the game on the Hell difficulty. The biggest part of your endgame journey will be played on Hell 1-4, so it’s absolutely necessary that you unlock it.

Side with a Faction

Hitting level 60 is a perfect time to choose between Shadows or Immortals – two of the game’s main forces to reckon with.

Joining the Shadows ranks is relatively simple. Go to Westmarch to try your luck in the Shadow Lottery, or just ask around in the world chat if someone could send you an invitation.

Becoming an Immortal is way more tricky: you’ll have to be invited to the faction by a member, but there can only be a limited number of Immortals per server, so you might be rejected straight away because the server you play on is already full. Another way into the Immortals club is to align with Shadows first, make it all the way to the top Dark Clan, defeat the current Immortals in the Rite of Exile, and become one of the new Immortals by taking their place. It’s not exactly a thing that can be done in a minute or two, but Immortals are a more elite group than Shadows, with bigger bonuses and more valuable rewards, so no wonder it’s a lot harder to get in.

By the way, you’re free to continue as an Adventurer, which is your in-game status by default, but if you’re looking to take part in the PvP endgame, then joining a faction is a must. All PvP events, including the game’s core Cycle of Strife system, require you to be either a Shadow or an Immortal. On top of that, you’ll have nice faction-based bonuses and more chances to get high-tier loot. Playing the game gets more fun and social when you’re part of a faction, so consider going that extra mile to get in; you won’t regret it.

Endgame Activities


This is our first endgame activity suggestion, and for a reason. Helliquary is an upgradable raid system that comes with massive rewards and permanent buffs you can use anywhere in the game. The whole experience is centered around Wrathborne Demons that you need to defeat in order to gain XP and high-tier loot.

Can you solo-beat a Helliquary boss? Well, you can try if you are a really skilled player with a fully geared-up and endgame-ready character, but even then it’s gonna be incredibly tough. Helliquary raids are a lot more doable when you just go in with a team, especially if your teammates are at higher Paragon levels and can carry you through the fight, tanking and DPSing the boss long enough for you to make it to the end of the fight, even with multiple revives. Teamwork, right?

Challenge Rifts

Challenge Rifts are tiered mini-dungeons with enemy waves and mini-bosses. Much like in Elder Rifts, you defeat monsters and fill up your progress bar to spawn a Rift Guardian, but here you’ll need to kill the Guardian before the timer runs out. Successfully clearing the Rift will award you with XP, loot and materials and also unlock the next tier.

Your Challenge Rift run results are also placed on the Leaderboard. Things get really competitive there because of Leaderboard rewards for those who make it to the top, but if you want to give it a go, try to complete your run as fast as you can. There are different leaderboards for solo players and groups, so if you compete in different categories, your chances of earning a place in the Top significantly increase.

Cycle of Strife

The pinnacle of the game’s PvP, the Cycle of Strife is a special mechanic with a history that goes back deep into the series lore. A never-ending rivalry between the two main forces manifests into a global event that you can be a part of if you decide to join the fight.

Both factions have their unique activities and bonuses, so no matter which side you end up on, you’ll always have plenty of stuff to do and earn. If you pledge allegiance to Shadows, you’ll also need to progress within the faction, getting powerful rewards and bringing the final battle closer with each rank-up.

Rite of Exile concludes the Cycle of Strife activities and determines the outcome of the conflict between the factions. The event is triggered when Shadows reach a certain progress milestone. A series of battles occur between the best Immortal players and the chosen members of Shadows’ top ten Dark Clans. Should Shadows win at least half of these battles, the Cycle of Strife continues to Challenge of the Immortal, and then, if the odds are again in Shadows’ favor, their top Clan overthrows Immortals and takes their place.

Zone Events

Throughout your Diablo Immortal journey, you’ll encounter lots of events tied to specific in-game zones. Those are called Zone Events. They are usually scheduled, meaning each has specific start and end times, but some are triggered by the player and do not have a fixed schedule. Zone Events also vary in difficulty and duration. If you want a steady supply of loot, then consider taking part in all of the game’s events, as they drop a good amount of materials and high-level pieces of equipment. If that’s not an option, try to participate at least in a few. Most events give you a chance at earning a Legendary, but only Bilefen’s Ancient Arena guarantees it if you manage to win the match. In case you only have time for one or two zone events, we suggest you prioritize the PvP Arena.

Kulle’s Hidden Chambers

Unfolding in Zoltun Kulle’s Library, this one is in fact another zone event, but we think it deserves a special mention in this guide. The Library itself is a fantastic farming location, even outside the event. If you do, however, want to access Hidden Chambers, you’ll have to pick up Lost Pages scattered around the area. Once you get five of them, a portal will open to lead you to another zone with a challenge to beat, which, of course, will drop a husk of upgrade materials and useful items. The event is not time-specific, so you can trigger it at any moment after you’ve arrived at the Library and do it as many times as you want as there’s no cooldown to it.

If you’re up for a bigger challenge – and higher rewards – then run Kulle’s Hidden Chambers on higher Hell difficulties and don’t forget to team up with friends.


With their objectives being pretty straightforward and not too challenging to handle, bounties are by far one of the easiest and most rewarding endgame activities. They are a great source of gold, XP, and sometimes even legendary items. A quick tip: orange-border bounties drop more rewards, so try to grab these as soon as they pop up on the Bounty Border.

And if you’ve already sided with one of the factions, you can also do faction-specific bounty-like quests: Shadow Contracts or Daily Goals.


Dungeons in Diablo Immortal might feel a bit different from what a long-time fan or someone who’s played at least one game of the series would expect. Tailored to fit a mobile gaming experience, they are shorter and faster compared to the regular ones, but it doesn’t make them any less important or entertaining. Dungeons still are an integral part of your Diablo journey and your go-to activity to get good gear and crafting materials.

You’ll have to do dungeon spamming a lot, so it’s better to get used to the layouts and learn all the ins and outs as fast as you can. While in the endgame, you’ll have to do dungeons on Hell to get viable rewards, and if you haven’t already had a bunch of runs, it’s gonna be really tough to survive. So yeah, say a big hello to dungeon farming. From now on, it’ll be your new best friend.

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