Unveil Diablo IV Lore with The Books of Lorath 

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Unveil Diablo IV Lore with The Books of Lorath

Blizzard has unveiled an exciting new series that delves into the captivating lore of Diablo IV. “Books of Lorath” aims to provide fans with a deeper understanding of the game’s rich narrative universe. Viewers will feel as if they have stepped into an old tavern or the dwelling of Lorath himself as they listen to his tale about a time long past. Yet, its aftermath lasts until today.

Only two episodes have reached the screen. But it has already enticed fans with what Lorath has to say. The first episode chronicles the Eternal Conflict, an age-old battle between the Burning Hells and the High Heavens.

In the second episode, viewers are introduced to the enigmatic creation of Sanctuary. And, of course, the two entities responsible for its existence: Inarius and Lilith. Additionally, the episode delves into the birth of the Nephalem. How powerful they were. And why they became what they are today.

With the third episode‘s arrival, the Burning Hells and the High Heavens discovered Sanctuary’s existence. Thus, sprung forth a tale filled with blood and tears of bravery and betrayal.

The fourth and final episode has arrived. This is the last tale that Lorath has to tell us. The fall of Tyrael, the death of Deckard Cain, and the story of Leah, Diablo, and Malthael. All await you in the video below.

Ralph Ineson’s deep and mystical voice successfully grasped the viewers’ attention, bringing them into the same room as the storyteller himself. Adding to the experience, Lindsay Kerner’s illustrations and art adaptation unfold the story before the eyes of the spectators. Awe-inspired by their breathtaking beauty. And then, Duncan Rawlings really put the cherry on top with his remarkable talent for animation. He animates them in a fascinating fashion, transforming static images into vivid scenes that come alive before the viewers’ very eyes.

Fans are loving the lore series so far. Thus, it fuels their anticipation for the official release of Diablo IV on June 6. The wait is almost over, excitement is mounting, and the community is more than ready to enter the realm of Sanctuary.

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