Diablo 4: Is It Worth Starting? A Comprehensive Review

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Diablo 4: Is It Worth Starting? A Comprehensive Review

Sanctuary continues to beckon the Nephalem to return, prove their loyalty, and send demons back to hell. The game price can be a turn-off, and sometimes making a decision is harder than defeating Lilith herself. WowVendor is ready to take an objective look at the project and provide you with an honest opinion. Let’s find out the answer: should you start playing Diablo 4?  Why not take a moment to stay awhile and listen?

Top 5 Reasons to Start Playing Diablo 4

We walked through all the beta tests and even played the release version. Now we have prepared five reasons to start playing Diablo 4. Stock up on popcorn and get comfortable.

1. Monetization

It is the main enemy of all MMORPGs, which Blizzard has managed to fix  in Diablo 4. Black Desert, Lineage 2, Torchlight: Infinite — we can go on endlessly. Every second, modern project suffers from aggressive monetization or entry barriers. Diablo 4 monetization has taken the best from other Blizzard games and Path of Exile. You have a donation system, but exclusively for cosmetic items, sets, or mount’s recolors. Blizzard decided not to repeat the fate of Diablo Immortal.

We got a good balance of classes, and an atmospheric lively game world. Most importantly, monetization does not affect the balance, so in PvP you are not weaker than other players. Even if they have a more glamorous appearance than you do. 

2. Content

Despite its high price tag and potential popularity among buyers, Blizzard still struggles to generate sufficient revenue from game sales alone to sustain it over the long term. However, the company has found a solution: cosmetic donation. By offering these items to players, the developers no longer have to constantly add new content and worry about the game’s balance. This approach allows the title to thrive and expand as the company regularly introduces fresh sets or Battle Passes for each season. As a result, players always have something to look forward to.

Blizzard realized their mistakes with Diablo 3 and corrected all of them in the fourth part. Back in the third part of the franchise, there was no donation system. They had to close the auction, and people stopped buying the game altogether. There is no point in supporting a project that does not bring profits, let alone, releasing updates for it.

3. Builds and Classes

Path of Exile has set a high standard for all ARPGs. However, the process of creating a build within the game is excessively complex, posing challenges for beginners and even average players. Recognizing this issue, while developing Diablo IV, Blizzard took a different approach. They designed a straightforward system of abilities and passive talents, represented by a simplified tree. This new system offers an intuitive experience while still maintaining a wide range of options for players to explore. 

Take the Druid class for example. This is a defender of nature who transforms into a bear, a werewolf, and summons elements of lightning or earth, and various animals to help itself in battle. In fact, these are not just skills but directions for growth. In bear form, you take much less damage and quickly restore health. In werewolf form, you become much faster and stronger but easier to defeat. The important thing is that you can combine builds and choose the best path for yourself.

4. Easy to Start

Diablo 4 immerses you in dynamic gameplay from the first minutes. Any player will quickly understand classes and mechanics even if  they never played ARPGs before. Blizzard has made a clear interface, described each ability in detail, and each quest looks simple.

Travel and complete side-quests, complete the main storyline, or just fight monsters — you are not limited by anything.

It is not scary to spend 10 minutes and complete a world quest because you would not lose anything from it.

Еach class gains several defensive abilities that help to withstand the onslaught of dozens of demons and avoid death as you leveling. This means there is no clear distinction between tank, healer, and DPS characters, but you still need to be cautious.

5. ARPGs are Endless

Remember World of Warcraft, and you will understand what we are talking about. Diablo 4 is not just an isometric grind game. It is a vast world where there is always something to do. Leveling up to level 100 takes over 80 hours, then high-end content, min-maxing, and farming for sets. Blizzard didn’t add MMO elements for nothing. Some will find their calling in PvP, while others just enjoy slaying demons in droves and getting pleasure from it. You can spend a week, a month, and even several years in Diablo 4, and it’s “cool as hell.”

Diablo 4 Pros and Cons

We have highlighted all the main reasons why you should definitely start playing. Now it is time to honestly discuss Diablo 4 Pros and Cons.


+ Open world

+ Variety of builds

+ MMO elements

+ Dark-fantasy atmosphere

+ Endless content

+ Donations do not affect the balance

+ A worldwide popular series


– Game price

– Repetition of content

– Mandatory online connection

– Simple mechanics of boss battles

– Interface designed for consoles

Remember that every game has its advantages and disadvantages. Diablo 4 has pleasant and smooth gameplay, interesting lore, cross-play, and dozens of other advantages that outweigh the cons. It even has fishing, which means an evening in Sanctuary can be brightened up by catching rare fish. Crafting and enhancing items, a lot of mounts, seamless locations — it is all in your hands.

Is it Worth Playing Diablo 4?

We have come to the main question of this article: is it worth playing Diablo 4? Our conclusion is obvious — it’s definitely worth it. Who will deal with the demons and Lilith if not you, oh great nephalem? Who will stand awhile and listen, find the mysterious and mystical Cow Level? You are needed in this world, and it needs you.

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