There Won’t Be A Balance Patch for Diablo IV

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There Won't Be A Balance Patch for Diablo IV

Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora confirmed that Diablo IV will not receive a day-one balance patch.

Diablo IV’s official launch is just days away from June 6. Thus, fans are brimming with excitement to delve into the captivating world of Sanctuary. However, a recent announcement from Blizzard has dampened some of that enthusiasm. As stated above, the game will not receive a day-one balance patch. The version of the game showcased during the Server Slam has been confirmed to serve as the foundation for its launch version. Said decision has left players with lingering questions. They are curious to know if their feedback and suggestions have been fully addressed and incorporated into the game. Concerns about potential gameplay imbalances and the overall experience once again arise.

During the Server Slam, certain players voiced their desire for changes to classes such as Druid and Necromancer. After all, the meme about Druid’s 17 damage isn’t dying down any time soon. Even after Joe Piepiora himself confirmed it to be one of the strongest classes in the game, players aren’t seem convinced yet. Blizzard emphasized that these classes were specifically designed to tackle the endgame content. They also assured fans that meticulous balancing had been applied to each and every one of them. 

Diablo IV has amassed an abundance of favorable early reviews. Thus, solidifying its reputation as a highly recommended game among critics. So players are really putting their trust in the developers to deliver a gaming experience worthy of all the praise.

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