Diablo IV Will Soon Be Launched on Steam

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Diablo IV Will Soon Be Launched on Steam

Only four months after its initial release, Blizzard is bringing Diablo IV to Steam. Set to arrive on said platform on October 17, fans can already add the game to their wishlists.

The Steam launch aligns with the introduction of Diablo IV Season 2. Named ‘Season of Blood,’ fans of the franchise are hoping that it will help the title bounce back from the prior season’s hurdles. After all, Season of the Malignant received unfavorable feedback due to various problems. Some can be named are concerns about game balancing, nerfs, loot, and other performance-related issues.

Diablo IV on Steam will support cross-platform gameplay. It’s designed to enable connections among users across multiple platforms. From Battle.net, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam. Additionally, the Steam edition will bring in exclusive features. For instance, Steam achievements and integration with the Steam friends list. Moreover, the game will be fully compatible and optimized for play on the Steam Deck. And so, the Wanderers can keep Sanctuary safe from demonic forces anytime and anywhere. 

However, there are concerns regarding the Steam reception. Enthusiastic gamers have yet to forget the negative feedback Overwatch 2 faced upon its Steam debut. Nevertheless, devoted long-term fans remain optimistic. They hope that the arrival of Diablo IV on Steam, along with its season 2, will impact Blizzard and the franchise positively.

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