Diablo IV Season 1 Start Date Revealed

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Diablo IV Season 1 Start Date Revealed

The highly anticipated Diablo IV Season 1 start date has been revealed. Titled Season of the Malignant, it’s set to kick off on July 20.

The announcement was made during the recent Developer Update. Other than that, Blizzard also shared that you will be able to download the Seasonal Patch on July 18. They also talked about the seasonal mechanic, questline, a new boss, items, and impending changes once the next chapter unfolds.

This exhilarating update is time for players to embark on a brand-new, thrilling journey. They will become the only hope of a courageous priest from the renowned Cathedral of Light to put an end to the fatal spread of Corruption throughout the land. 

For a more comprehensive view of what lies ahead, check out Blizzard’s official preview regarding Season of the Malignant:

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