Diablo IV Early Reviews: Critics Applaud 

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Diablo IV Early Reviews: Critics Applaud

In less than a week, Diablo IV will be launched on June 6. The anticipation surrounding its release is reaching its peak. After all, the game has managed to spark quite a fervor among both fans and critics alike, with its top-notch early reviews score

Critics Praise Diablo IV

Diablo IV Early Reviews: Critics Applaud, High Review Scores

Traditional Formula 

In a nod to its storied legacy, Diablo IV remains true to the franchise’s time-honored formula. Thanks to this decision, it has earned an abundance of commendations from critics. The approach is celebrated as a nearly flawless continuation of its predecessors: Diablo II and III. Endless praise showers the depth of the campaign as well as its captivating and immersive narrative.


That said, the developers still managed to spice up the journey with significant innovations. Diablo IV boasts a plethora of diverse and abundant endgame content. Other than that, the game features a vast open world, providing a novel breath that alters the familiar cycle. This, coupled with challenging world bosses, has definitely elevated the thrilling experience to a whole new level.

A Well-Crafted Narrative

Another standout aspect of Diablo IV is its dark and engaging narrative. Critics have praised the game’s well-crafted cutscenes and memorable quests. Even the side adventures manage to offer players a deeper dive into the immersive world.

Superb Performance and Technical Execution

Diablo IV Early Reviews: Critics Applaud, High Review Scores

Performance-wise, Diablo IV shines brightly. The game runs smoothly on all platforms with high frame rates. Minor issues were reported. However, these problems didn’t detract gamers from their overall enjoyment.

Top-Notch Review Score

According to NintendoSmash, below are some of the selected early reviews from some of the most credible sources of critics:

Seasoned Gaming9,5/10
We Got This Covered4,5/5

Other than that, 100% of critics recommend players to experience the game.

Diablo IV Early Reviews: Critics Applaud, High Review Scores

Standing proud on the Editor’s pick, Diablo IV boasts a glorious score of 88 on Metacritic based on 44 reviews.

Diablo IV Early Reviews: Critics Applaud, High Review Scores

The release date is nigh. The rain of positive reviews only serves to amplify the already-at-peak excitement among fans. Diablo IV has already proved itself to have a winning combination. Namely, a captivating storyline, engaging gameplay, and velvety performance on various platforms. Thus, it promises to be everything players have ever expected and more.

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