Diablo IV: Druid Is Actually the Strongest Class!

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Diablo IV: Druid Is Actually the Strongest Class!

A Blizzard Associate Game Director has confirmed that Druid is one of the strongest classes among the five. 

Surprising, isn’t it? After all, if you have been paying close attention to Diablo IV, you are probably familiar with the notorious meme of 17 damage Druid. The beta testers’ feedback. The content creators’ videos. The community’s collective worries about the class’s lackluster damage and fragility as a melee type. All of them have culminated in a remarkable twist that prompted the developers to speak up. And speak up they did, unveiling a shocking truth that the Druid is actually one of the game’s most formidable and dominant classes

During a recent interview, Joe Piepiora, Associate Game Director of Diablo IV, shed more light on the matter. He clarified that Druid’s subpar performance during beta testing resulted from two aspects. The first is level limitations, and the second is the locked parts of the skill tree. Piepiora also divulged that Blizzard’s internal testers regard the Druid as one of the game’s most potent classes. The specific reasons for this distinction were not revealed. However, fans have some speculations for themselves. They believe that significant components within the Skill Tree, like Animal Blessings, might be the key to unlocking said class’s untapped power. 

Diablo IV’s arrival is imminent. And the recent revelation surrounding the Druid has rekindled the passion in its ardent lovers’ hearts. Though initial feedback from beta testing may have cast shadows of doubt, the prospect of unlocking the Druid’s true capabilities has ignited a blaze of anticipation within the community.

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