Destiny 2: Witch Queen Story Explained & Missions List

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The Plot of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

The long awaited DLC The Witch Queen is quite a huge addition to the Destiny universe. And here Guardians stand against the Lucent Hive, Light against Light. Mars is back, but not alone and not unchanged.

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Sister of Shapes, Sword-Breaker, Witch Queen — Savatûn is back too. Her Throne World is waiting for Guardian to learn the truth. Visit the Enclave to take your place at the Relic and craft your own powerful weapons to help you on your way. Face the world of lie, twisted and changed Throne World, born from Darkness and rebuild by Light step in to solve the mystery.

Choose your difficulty, and start your adventure.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Mission List

Let’s take a quick look at the adventure we are about to take.

There is much to do, a mystery awaits us, and ready to be solved. Eyes up, Guardian.

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Let us begin.

What was before?

But, catching up first. So, at the last mission “Exorcism” in the Season of Lost you finally helped The Awoken Queen Mara Sov separate the Savatûn from her Worm, by fighting tons of Hive, protecting the Awoken Techeuns and the queens from Xivu Arath’s forces back to back with Saint-14.

Fighting a combined assault of Taken, Hive and Scorn forces, Guardians finally came to the point when the ritual of exorcism finally ended. Savatûn set Osiris free, as was promised, but she managed to escape, probably by switching places with him, as she kept him somewhere safe, in her Throne world.

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We know she probably would die because of the separation with the Worm, so that is what would happen. Right? But as we know, the Witch Queen is here and may be even more powerful than ever. So, what exactly happened and how does Savatûn wields light? Well, to get an answer for these questions, we’ll travel in the depths of The Witch Queen’s Throne World, which appears with the return of Mars.

Details of the Missions

Quick addition — whenever you place a Campaign banner (it’s free and unlimited) your progress in the Campaign is saved, so you can get some rest or do other activities and return to the checkpoint whenever you’re ready.

The Arrival

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It’s the first campaign mission for New Destiny 2 The Witch Queen campaign. It’s Guardians first step onto returned Mars and the exploring of Savatûn’s Throne World for the first time. Fighting through the cabal forces, the Guardian reaches a cannon that will launch him to Savatûn’s ship. It was your ghost idea idea.

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While Exploring the ship you’ll face a small group of hive enemies until the save point. A place you can place another Campaign Banner. To move forward you’ll have to collect five Tributes.

You get Tributes by killing yellow-bar Tribute Bearers, and then picking up the Tribute and standing on the plate by the door .Moving forward, you’ll face a Statue where you will be able to pick up a Fragment. That fragment is what would become your first Glaive.

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After that your first fight with the Lucent Knight awaits. There you’ll learn about its power and how to permanently kill them — by crashing its ghost with finisher. Needless to say that both the Guardian and their ghost feel a bit uneasy about that. Pursue Savatûn by collecting tributes again. Now it’s time to fight Savatûn.

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And you did, she is defeated! Not it’s time to get your reward.

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But you wouldn’t believe that that was so easy, right? The debuff you get called Thereadbound will hold you in place and then boost you out from Savatûn’s Throne World.

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Guess, there should be another way up.

The Investigation

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Second campaign mission set us on the task to investigate Savatûn’s Throne World. After taking care of some enemies, you’ll receive a message from someone named Fynch, our new friend. Well, not a friend, at least for now, kind of our ally. It’s hard to trust him at first — and you’ll see why. Also you’ll learn how to use a new ability called Deepsight by interacting with the orb, which reveals hidden platforms around the area for 30 seconds. Fight through the depths of the Witch Queen Throne world to find Fynch.

The Ghosts

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Now your destination is Temple of the Wrathful. This place is full of not just Hive enemies, but Scorn as well. But your target, from details you got from Fynch, is to retrieve Sagira’s shell, which might hold some information that can help you find out what happened and how Savatûn stole the light.

The Communion

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This mission is unlocked by speaking to Ikora Rey. It ‘s located on Europa and can be launched from within the destination. You’ll drop into the icy landscape on Europa with the task of reaching the Pyramid. Fight through Cabal forces to reach it and fight them inside, using help the Pyramid provides you — it will shift, revealing new platforms. This is the key mechanic for this mission. After the boss fight, commune with the Darkness statue to complete the mission. Return to Ikora on Mars to proceed.

The Mirror

Your first task when you begin is to locate the Psychic Concentration. You’ll once again head down into the tunnels using Deepsight orbs to reveal additional platforms, cave entrances and, surprisingly, a glowing green symbol on the ground at the very end.

After scanning it, head through the portal at the edge of the bridge to be transported to the Altar of Reflection, where you’ll find a circular structure in the center. To complete the mission approach and interact with it. It will show you Sagira’s memory.

The Lightblade (Strike)

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The Lightblade is one of the new Strikes introduced alongside The Witch Queen expansion and is required as part of the Campaign.

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Your enemy is Alak-Hul, the Lightblade. Hunt it down and defeat it. Then, grab the tablet near the altar at the back of the last boss arena to complete this mission.

Return to the Altar of Reflection in Witch’s Echo to get more insights from the tablet.

The Cunning

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The last Temple the Guardian is about to visit is the Temple of the Cunning.

Head down into the tunnels to locate a Temple Savatûn built to her past self — Sathona. Presumably, there should be something of value to get more information about Savatûn’s plan, but you won’t know what exactly at the beginning.

Source: Bungie

After fighting a Scorn Boss Termiiks, Invasive Warrant you’ll find a Deepsight orb. Inspecting it will reveal five runes on the left side of the arena. Shoot them to reveal platforms. Hop up the platforms and use the Deepsight orb at the top to expose five more runes in front of the statue. Shoot them and get the worm familiar — your next piece of the puzzle. And get ready — this Temple is not done with you.

The Ahamkara Illusion will appear right as you get the Worm, so quickly find cover behind something, before it shoots out the first wave of projectiles. This boss battle is not difficult, but it will test your patience. You have very short periods where you can do damage. For a short period after the projectiles are released, the inside of Ahamkara’s mouth will glow orange. This is your chance to deal damage before it shoots more. After the fight, the world will return to normal, but you’ll be debuffed with Suffocating Haze, Ahamkara’s curse. You have 2.5 minutes to escape or you’ll die, so get to running!

Your next step is to return to the Altar of Reflection in Witch’s Echo in the Throne World once again.

The Last Chance

You’ll begin the mission outside Savathûn’s fortress walls with the goal of breaching the Apothecary Wing. This one won’t be easy, especially for solo players on legendary difficulty, but still bearable.

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Savathûn’s Right Hand will wait for you in the end, and by defeating it, you’ll get a chance to pick up the crystal shard upon the altar in the last boss area.

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Your next step is to head back to the Altar of Reflection for the Memories of Loss Quest step, after that you’ll unlock The Ritual — the final mission of the story.

The Ritual

So, now we should stop the 1000 years old ex-Hive god that wields Light, from performing a ritual to steal The Traveler and seal it inside her Throne world. What could be easier?

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It’s a long journey, full of different enemies, thankfully you have Ikora to help you on this way. She’ll open the path forward for you.

Source: Bungie

Inside, you’ll face riddles to solve and enemies to defeat, classic Destiny moments. Before the boss battle, there will be a glowing green light. Jump into it to be lifted upwards to the Sanctum of the Brood Queen. Proceed up the staircases and you’ll find a Rally Banner point below the large swinging bell. Use it wisely: choose your weapons and refill the ammo before heading to the next sector.

Source: Bungie

Now, it’s time. The final battle with Savathûn, The Witch Queen herself. It takes place across multiple phases and requires plenty of patience to complete. Thankfully, there are Rally Banners points all along, that allow you to respawn, so you don’t have to start everything over if you happen to fall.

This part of the story is heavily loaded with lore cutscenes, and after the fight, you’ll see another couple of them, including a first look at The Witness, before being returned to the Enclave on Mars.

The Story Key Points

Hive were lied to

One of the most important parts of the story Guardian learns from calcified Worm Familia we stole from Temple of the Cunning, a shrine the Witch Queen dedicated to her past self, Satona. This Worm once belonged to her Father’s The old King of Osmium Court. Washed up from the deep oceans of the Fundament, the proto-Hive species home planet, to the shores of the Osmium court, the Worm was found by the King, who kept the Familiar in a jar and listened to its whispers.

The worms clearly have an ability to whisper even after their death, much like the Ahamkara Dragons. From the Book of Sorrow, we know that the Worm told the Old Kind of a coming cataclysm, a god wave caused by the alignment of Fundament’s 52 moons that will collapse on the shore. We know as well and should keep in mind that those books are full of lies. After the betrayal, the three sisters Aurash, Sathona, and Xi Ro fled with the Worm Familiar from the Helium Drinkers, another krills dynasty, who had come to kill the Old Osmium King.

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The Worm whispers to Sathona as well. It clearly told her the same prophecy of a great loss, and she led her sisters to the deep, where they eventually found the Worm Gods. But the most interesting part, that we know now, as part of the Destiny 2 the Witch Queen Campaign, is that while the worm whispered to the one, who would one day become Queen of Lies, it itself was lying all along.

Source: Bungie

When Ikora placed the Worm Familia in Enclave, to use Deepsight Resonance for extracting its Psychic Imprint of an important event, the Guardian learns the Darkness or entity behind it, using that story to hinder the Light claim the siblings. The prophecy was a bait for the most cunning sister, to feed her fear, her pride. They were convinced that “the end is coming…In the Sky there is only death. But salvation… lies in the Deep.” They tricked the siblings, and young Sathona led them to the deep.

Source: Bungie

That moment changed a lot. It differs from the Hive story and all those who they interacted with. Previously all we knew about this species was that they’ve slayed thousands of races for a millions of time, that they are driven by the Sword logic and a requirement for an endless blood tithe, thanks to the worm larvae they ingested, and beings that are permanently bound to the darkness thought that larvae. The species that slay and harvest Guardians. That somehow stole our Light.

There is even more ramification for all this. We now know for sure, that the Worms and the Worm Gods are directly connected to The Witness and The Darkness, and the voice speaking through the worms is that of The Witness in that particular moment, that memory of the lies they we’re going to told to siblings of the Osmium Court.

This knowledge alone can make the future of the Destiny universe very interesting and much different from what one could expect before. If the Hive is able to reject the Darkness for their own reasons, defy it, as Savatûn did, the upcoming war between The Traveler and The Black fleet might be even more unique and full of surprises than one could possibly expect.

Source: Bungie

Will Xivo Arath, Last of the Hive God of War pass the loyalties test if she’ll learn about the lies that lead them to Darkness? There is a possibility that Immaru — Savatûn’s ghost, that seemingly disappeared in the Traveler’s Light at the end of the Witch Queen Campaign — can resurrect her in order to tell the truth to the last Hive leader, loyal to the Darkness.

Final Cutscene

Another interesting part is the Final Cutscene. The Witness, known by a lot of different names such as The Winnower, The Voice in the Darkness, and The Entity appears to be in control of the Pyramid Ships, what we’ve known as The Darkness until this moment in time. We can see how the formless form, and the Witness emerge from the black, an entity with no constant forms.

And this is how the new war will begin.

During the campaign, we got the revelation that The Witness had fed lies to a young Sathona and tricked them into becoming the Hive. The Witness has been behind the scenes for thousands of years, and now appears to fight the Traveler and finish the ongoing battle against The Light. They reveal a huge fleet of Pyramid Ships and are seemingly on their way to meet us in battle, which will most likely commence in Lightfall or perhaps The Final Shape, which is the next couple of Destiny expansions.

The Consequences

But what does it mean for us? For Guardians, for the Last City and for the players? How do those facts change our Future?

Already, the people of the Last city start to distrust the Vanguards and Guardians. They start to lose trust in us. In The Traveler. And we the whole Humanity: Human, Awoken, Exo and our allies, we are all about to face a great war, a Great battle. Battle between the Light — The Traveler, and the Darkness, the Black Fleet. What is the Witness? Its nature, its purpose?

The directions are clear — we must avoid another collapse, brought on by the Darkness. The next major story beat is going to be Lightfall, which sounds very ominous for Light Bearers.

Source: Bungie

The future is not unraveled yet.

Eyes up, Guardian.

Huckleberry out.

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