Ultimate Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table: Rewards Overview

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Every Dungeon has a variety of loot, but it’s not always clear where it drops. That’s why the Warlords Ruin Loot Table will be incredibly useful to you!

Warlord's Ruin encounter loot table

Key Takeaways:

  • In this article, you’ll find Warlord’s Ruin loot table, weapons overview, and other loot you are able to get.
  • The best weapon of this dungeon is Indebted Kindness, which drops from every encounter.
  • The worst weapon is Naeem’s Light, which is bad in every way.
  • The master version grants you Exotic Ghost Shell.

Season of the Wish pleased Destiny 2 fans with many things, including a new dungeon, which many already call the best in the game. Today, we want to tell you about the available loot in Warlord’s Ruin, which you can get. Of course, we brought an analysis of the guns because where would we be without that? Well, let’s start our dive into the knightly aesthetics!

Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

Let’s start with what loot you can get in the latest dungeon and at which stages loot drops. We have compiled a convenient table for you, where you can easily look at everything you need:

You can take additional loot from two chests between the first and second stages and between the second and third. There, you’ll find what you have already managed to get in this dungeon, so don’t expect to see anything new. 

If you are not interested in our picture, below we have made the Warlord’s Ruin encounter loot table in the form of a normal table, so use it!

1 EncounterVengeful Whisper, Bow
Indebted Kindness, Sidearm
Dragoncult Sickle, Sword
2 EncounterVengeful Whisper, Bow
Indebted Kindness, Sidearm
Naeem’s Lance, Sniper Rifle
Class Item
3 EncounterDragoncult Sickle, Sword
Indebted Kindness, Sidearm
Naeem’s Lance, Sniper Rifle
Buried Bloodline, Exotic Sidearm
Class Item

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All Warlord’s Ruin Weapons

Next, we will look at what the local weapons are good for and whether they are worth your attention.

Buried Bloodline (Warlord’s Ruin Exotic Void Sidearm)

Buried Bloodline

After Combat Bows appeared in the game, many players started dreaming of introducing Crossbows into Destiny 2. After so much time among Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Weapons, you can find such a weapon, albeit in a pretty unexpected form.

Buried Bloodline is a Special Sidearm that fires not rockets, not regular bullets, but two Void Tracking Bolts that leech health from the target. Its unique properties do not end there, as multiple Final Blows with this weapon grant Devour. And where would we be without an Exotic Catalyst, which still needs to be earned? While Devour is active, Buried Bloodline weakens targets on hit.

Overall, Warlord’s Ruin Exotic Sidearm has a high chance of becoming a must-pick for Void builds. Moreover, in PvP, due to Special Ammo, it can destroy an opponent with two headshots!

Vengeful Whisper (Strand Precision Bow)

Vengeful Whisper

The Legendary Strand Bow has finally appeared in the game, and you can get it precisely in this dungeon. The perks here will not disappoint you, as there are the best perks for all game modes. Moreover, judging by the Warlord’s Ruin loot pool, you can get it right at the first encounter!

Regarding PvE, standard choices like Archer’s Tempo, Explosive Head, and Successful Warm-up are present here and suitable in any Build. Besides them, there are extremely interesting perks like Slice (Imposes the Sever Debuff on enemies), Hatchling (creates Threadlings for Precision Final Blows), and Precision Instrument (increases Precision Damage after each hit).

Bow enthusiasts in PvP might be very interested in this bow due to the combination of Hipfire Grip and Offhand Strike. With the first perk, your hip-fire accuracy will already be quite high, and after a Final Blow, the second perk comes into play, making your shots even more accurate.

Indebted Kindness (Arc Rocket Sidearm)

Indebted Kindness God Roll

You might have noticed this weapon at every encounter if you carefully looked at the D2 Warlord’s Ruin loot table. And not in vain, because you’ll definitely want to get Indebted Kindness.

Among all the Warlord’s Ruin weapons to use, the most interesting is Indebted Kindness, as it has an entirely new Rocket Sidearm archetype. Unlike other Sidearms, it uses Special ammo and deals quite a significant amount of damage.

Indebted Kindness fires rockets, which can be challenging to hit opponents with. In order to improve your accuracy, we recommend using the Impulse Amplifier. This perk not only enhances the reload speed but also increases the speed of the rockets. In the 4th column, Voltshot is the only perk worth considering. However, this is fine since it is one of the best perks available in the game. So, yeah, Indebted Kindness is one of the best Warlord’s Ruin weapons to earn.

Naeem’s Lance (Strand Rapid-fire Sniper Rifle)

Naeem's Lance

If we talk about the least interesting Warlord’s Ruin weapon drops, it’s definitely Naeem’s Lance, as it has quite mediocre perks. The best combination for PvE would be Reconstruction with Precision Instrument, which can be used for dealing high DPS. However, do you need this roll when there is Supremacy from Last Wish, which is better in everything?

Dragoncult Sickle (Strand Caster Sword)

Dragoncult Sickle

After 2.5 years, Bungie remembered about Caster Swords and released two specimens in Season 23. Dragoncult Sickle has pretty good perks, which are great for ad-clear. For example, with Unrelenting and Chain Reaction, you can destroy a crowd of enemies with one powerful swing of the sword while restoring your health. In general, if you get a god roll, it will be one of the most worthy Warlord’s Ruin dungeon weapons.

Warlords Ruin Armor Set: Dark Age

Since the theme of the dungeon is connected with Warlords, the armor is directly from the Dark Ages! Take a look:

Warlords Ruin Armor

Warlord’s Ruin Emblems

As always, you can get two emblems from the dungeon. One is given for a regular pass, and the other for Solo Flawless. Shattered Fortress will please you with a minimalist look at the mountains, which were in the background of the dungeon, and Tattered Regalia will remind you of the main enemies of this dungeon.

Warlord’s Ruin Ghost

And finally, the main loot for the Master Dungeon is Zira’s Shell, which will especially appeal to fans of Destiny 2 lore.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about the loot in the new dungeon. We hope our Warlord’s Ruin Destiny 2 loot table was useful, as well as a small guide to weapons. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments. We will always come to the rescue and give advice!

If you are not satisfied with the loot in Warlord’s Ruin, then you should pay attention to other weapons this Season. For example, you can learn about the best Season of the Wish weapons, where we recommend a new meta Auto Rifle with a cool Linear Fusion Rifle and more!

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