Weapon Guide — Thunderlord: Сatalyst and Overview

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Thunderlord Сatalyst

It’s fascinating to see how machine guns are becoming increasingly a priority choice in Destiny 2. Many Guardians now use them for both ad-clear and DPS. This type of weapon can be useful everywhere.

However, not all of them are good, so you must be wise in your selection. For instance, you can equip the Thunderlord, which is currently one of the best PvE weapons. This guide will discuss the D2 Thunderlord quest, whether you can complete it, whether you should get this gun, and whether you need the Catalyst.

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Thunderlord Destiny 2 — Weapon Overview

Thunderlord Destiny 2

Thunderlord is a highly effective Arc machine gun, which stands out by two things: its accelerating fire rate and the creation of lightning strike. This machine gun gradually speeds up as you hold the trigger, and it creates lightning strikes every 13 hits. Moreover, the Exotic perk allows them to be generated on a Final Blow, which is perfect for ad-clear. A nice bonus is that the perk grants you the ability to stun Overload Champions, making Thunderlord even more helpful in the Endgame. It also has the Feeding Frenzy perk, triggered as you perform Rapid Final Blows, increasing the weapon’s reload speed, sometimes saving your life.

However, to fully unlock this weapon’s potential and use it during DPS, you have to get its Catalyst. The thing about it is that the weapon partially reloads by creating lightning strikes, allowing you to avoid long reloads. Next, we’ll tell you how to get it, but if you haven’t acquired the weapon itself yet, we recommend familiarizing yourself with how to earn it first.

How to Get the Thunderlord Exotic

Thunderlord Playlist

Despite Bungie’s trend to add a quest for every Exotic weapon, the story with this machine gun is the opposite. Unfortunately, the Destiny 2 Thunderlord quest is gone, and the only way to get the gun now is to farm Exotic engrams. Fortunately, they drop from any D2 activity, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding them. Moreover, you can check our Where is Xur tool weekly to find the location of the mysterious vendor and buy an Exotic engram from him.

How to Get Thunderlord Catalyst in 2023

Destiny 2 Thunderlord Catalyst

Once this magnificent machine gun is in your hands, you’ll curse the Bungie developers again because you have to fully upgrade it to have the ability to partially reload it. In Destiny 2, the Thunderlord Exotic Catalyst can only be obtained by grinding ritual activities, namely Crucible matches, Gambit matches, and Vanguard missions. The chance is very low, and you might even get a catalyst for another weapon, so we recommend being patient. The good thing is that even if you lose a gambit match or crucible match you still can earn it.

Once you get it, your struggles aren’t over, and you’ll be faced with the continuation of your D2 Thunderlord Catalyst quest. You’ll need to make a final push by achieving 500 annihilations from Thunderlord. You can launch your favorite Last Wish, Altars of Sorrow, or any other activity where a lot of combatants spawn and finish the unending farm. In the end, your efforts will pay off for sure.

Final Words 

And that’s all we know about this magnificent machine gun. We understand that the Destiny 2 Thunderlord catalyst and the Exotic itself might require you to spend countless hours completing playlist activities or farming your favorite Rumble matches (or not). Nevertheless, this weapon will be handy to you, and you might like it so much that you won’t want to part with it. 

Suppose you want to know which other weapons or Exotic catalysts we recommend acquiring. In that case, you should check out the Wish Ender quest walkthrough, as well as discover how to get Malfeasance, as both of these weapons are effective in Lost Sectors due to their damage and ability to counter Champions.

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