Destiny 2 cutscene reveal: The Final Shape had another ending?

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Alongside the Salvation’s Edge raid artwork and footage, Bungie threw us a curveball with a cutscene reveal, which shows a drastically different ending to The Final Shape.

The Final Shape

Spoiler Warning!

This article contains spoilers for Destiny 2: The Final Shape ending. So, if you are not afraid of any spoilers, just keep reading at your own risk.

In a YouTube video titled “Ghost shipping cut,” initially shared by Jacob Saunderson, a VFX Artist at Bungie, the story unfolds after the Excision final mission. There, the Guardian uses the Light and Darkness power to revive their Ghost. While the original video is removed, we still have access to it thanks to the Destiny Bulletin YouTube channel:

Interestingly, the final cutscene, “880 cayde shipping,” also published by Saunderson, drastically differs from the version we mentioned above. There, we witness a poignant scene where Cayde-6 sacrifices himself to bring Guardian’s Ghost back to life and dissipates into the light afterward. 

Of course, in the original “Ghost shipping cut” version, all-time favorite Cayde-6 is alive and well, which is a good sign. Anyway, fans’ opinions vary. On the one hand, fans liked the old version because it shows that Light and Darkness are not good and evil but two halves that complement each other. On the other hand, despite its seemingly happy ending, the cutscene feels somewhat bleak, lacking that emotional depth all Destiny 2 fans love about the game’s universe. 

Probably, the four-month delay of The Final Shape, which Bungie finally released on June 4, 2024, could be attributed to the Development Team investing time and effort into reworking the final cutscene. It is heart-wrenching that we will likely no longer see our beloved Cayde-6, but thanks to Bungie’s effort, we now have a decent ending to the Light and Darkness saga, which we might not have had if the company hadn’t made up its mind. 

We hope that Bungie will continue to impress us with its captivating releases in the future. While content delays can be frustrating, in Bungie’s case, we believe it ultimately benefits the company and Destiny 2 as a whole.

What are your thoughts on the two cutscenes mentioned in the article? Was the final version of the actual cutscene worth the delay of the Final Shape content? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments section below!

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