Destiny 2 Technical Issues Spiral Out of Control

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If you are a gamer, you must be familiar with server issues, glitches, connection errors, and bugs throughout the game. And now, these annoying companions have decided to pay Destiny 2 a visit.

Bungie deactivated its API to maintain earlier in December. The incident led to many frustrating moments for players. From disconnects to hiccups in matchmaking and loot, the complaints about technical matters have grown rapidly. While the game is still available, third-party apps and websites are inaccessible. This poses a big problem. The users need these tools to play. After all, Bungie has yet to add those features to its game. For example, the item managers remain inaccessible while the API is down, making it more difficult to swap gear between characters.

Bungie is trying to fix the problem. Yet, there hasn’t been any breakthrough. As stated in their tweet, they will let players know when the case is resolved.

In a new development, Bungie has been putting in extra effort to address technical issues and activate the Destiny API. If players encounter any remaining errors in the game, they are encouraged to seek for assistance or to report through the appropriate channel stated in their tweet.

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