Destiny 2 Hotswap on Weapons is Back Thanks to Strand

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destiny 2 hotswap

For the last couple of years, players have been battling with Bungie over hot swapping in Destiny 2, which Guardians constantly discover and the developers subsequently nerf. Hotswap allows players to switch between guns without any delay instantly. With the patches, Bungie added either a few seconds of delay to prevent shooting or fixed that shooting method. The game’s community was always unhappy with such decisions, as it did not break the balance and led to more strategies in the boss battles.

Fortunately for such players, a new bug has been found that allows even faster switching between weapons:

All you need to do to perform the latest quickswap is equip the Strand with a grapple grenade, hold the fire button with auto-fire on, and spam the grenade while changing your weapon. Thus, you must shoot, and then simultaneously press grenade with swap buttons. All these actions will allow you to achieve what you see in the video above and start inflicting significant damage, like with a fan-favorite double-slug shotgun combination. However, we recommend to be careful with such exploits, as you never know if Bungie will ban you for using them.

This bug has been noticed by many major content creators and even Saltagreppo, who, on the contrary, asked not to fix the new exploit. In his opinion, hotswapping was never a problem, and using this method requires a lot of practice and effort because it’s very easy to make a mistake by using the grapple at a wrong time and then wait until it recharges. Some Guardians supported him in the comments, noting that Bungie could leave the glitch, making it a fresh exclusive Strand feature, which would attract more players to play on it.

So far, Bungie has not commented on the situation, but they will likely fix the new quickswapping method with the next patch, which might be as soon as Tuesday. And perhaps not all Strand subclasses are that good, but Strand Titan Builds perform amazingly in any content, even without the bug.

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