Destiny 2 Servers Down Due to 300,000 Concurrent Players

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On June 4, the long-awaited The Final Shape expansion was released, which got Destiny 2 servers down for hours.

The Final Shape was released at 1:00 PM (EDT) and crashed the Destiny 2 servers immediately. Most players received an error message upon entering the game, while some lucky ones even managed to launch the missions, although not for long. Players received a server error message that kicked them offline, interrupting all mission progress.

At the time of The Final Shape release, Steam alone had about 220,000 concurrent players. Considering that Destiny 2 is very popular on consoles as well. Angry and disappointed players who couldn’t enter the game began review-bombing The Final Shape on Steam. Currently, The Final Shape on Steam has more than 1,300 reviews, 1,100 which are negative, and the overall rating is Mixed. Those who managed to gain access to the missions and began progressing through the story soon discovered they could miss important story cutscenes due to server errors.

Bungie responded to the server crash only an hour later, assuring players they were investigating the issue. However, it took them at least eight hours to restore the Destiny 2 servers. Bungie developers apologized on their Twitter (X) for the inconvenience and kept players updated on the resolution of the server issues throughout.

Due to the offline Destiny 2 servers, Bungie couldn’t break the Lightfall expansion’s record of 316,000 concurrent players on Steam. Ultimately, when the Destiny 2 servers were back online, Steam peaked at 314,000 concurrent players.

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Have you experienced Destiny 2 server crashes? Or were you among the lucky ones who managed to play The Final Shape in the first hours?

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