Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph Story Recap

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Another Season, another story to uncover!

Ana Bray and Rasputin are back again, and Season of the Seraph full story is entirely based on the relationship between these two important characters. The Guardians will have to help Anа transfer Warmind into an exo-body, as well as prevent Xivu Arath’s plans to seize control of Rasputin’s ancient weapons. Still, not all players know all the characters and why the plot of this Season can significantly affect the world of Destiny 2.

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Actually, WowVendor came to your rescue and is ready to tell you in a concise but understandable and capacious form so that you can consider this article as a Season of Seraph guide lore. So, sit down comfortably, prepare hot cocoa and proceed into this season’s story recap.

Pre-Destiny one lore

In our favorite game, a lot of information is presented through books or dialogues. And oddly enough, it is with their help that you can find out a lot of information about what happened in the universe before the Guardian from the games appeared. Information about Rasputin, the central character of the Season of Seraph storyline, was no exception.

Dr. Mihaylova created the Warmind before humanity discovered the Traveler. During the Golden Age, Rasputin was taken over by the Clovis Bray company with the goal of making Artificial Intelligence capable of protecting humanity from any threat. The still-living Ana Bray also helped with their development, giving it various human qualities. This fact will play a significant role in the Season of the Seraph story Destiny 2.

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Rasputin was the first to discover the Black Fleet during the first Collapse. Warmind used every possible means to destroy the threat, but everything was useless. As a result, artificial intelligence tried to protect some important data from the darkness. After that, it used the MIDNIGHT EXIGENT protocol and deactivated itself.

However, something awakened Rasputin during the Dark Age, namely the re-activation of the SIDDHARTHA GOLEM protocol, which is better known as Felwinter. It was resurrected by Ghost, but instead of thanking him, Warmind was utterly furious. Artificial intelligence, for the first time, showed his emotions as anger, and as a result, Rasputin lured the legendary Iron Lords and Felwinter into a trap and used SIVA technology to kill them. Only Saladin and Efrideet survived this incident. Bungie will also mention this incident in the Season of Seraph plot.

Warmind storyline

The story campaign of the Warmind DLC begins with a meeting between our Guardian and Ana Bray, who was resurrected a long time ago by Ghost. But she started investigating all the information about who she was before. Ana asks us to investigate some “evil” that has awakened on Mars. As a result, we meet Nokris, a son of Oryx, as well as one of the Worm Gods — Xol, Will of the Thousands. Our Guardian failed to fight them and had to turn to Rasputin for help. With his technology’s help, we defeated Xol and also made contact with Warmind. However, despite the fact that Nokris does not appear in the Season of Seraph campaign, we will once again meet here with Hive.

Season of the Worthy and Arrivals storylines

The subsequent encounter with Rasputin was in Season of the Worthy, in which we had to activate a lot of Seraphim Towers to neutralize The Almighty, which at that time was heading straight towards the Last City. Over the course of the season, a relationship developed between the Warmind and Vanguard, which eventually led him to reveal his secret to us. Rasputin told us the Felwinter story and admitted that he regrets what happened. At the end of the season, The Almighty was destroyed, and the Last City was saved.

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Rasputin also discovered Black Fleet this season. This time, the AI alerted Zavala and the Guardians immediately. Humanity knew about the threat in advance and was ready to fight back, primarily together with Warmind. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. At the beginning of Season of the Arrivals, Rasputin tried to fight back against the Pyramids, but after a couple of seconds, he got shut down. Ana immediately tried to save at least some of the remnants of his data and eventually moved them into a special Engram, which would play a role in the future.

Beyond Light storyline

Although Beyond Light does not contain the Warmind himself or useful information about him, here we met two characters that we will meet again in the future because they will appear in the Season of Seraph missions. We are talking about Ana’s sister and her grandfather — Elizabeth and Clovis Bray. As it turned out, Clovis Bray transferred his mind into artificial intelligence, which was stored in a large Exo head. After the Beyond Light campaign, Elizabeth mended her relationship with Ana, along with meeting her grandfather.

Season of the Seraph storyline

And so we finally came to the current season. In the Opening Cutscene, Osiris and Ana discuss ways to transfer Rasputin into Exo’s body. Ultimately, they come to the only conclusion — they need Clovis’ help. The Guardian arrives in Europe, where he discovers the Xivu Arath’s Hive army. While Osiris and Ana were surprised, we pushed forward. After the troops’ destruction, a conversation occurs between everyone, resulting in Clovis being placed in an Exo Frame in H.E.L.M.

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The Season of the Seraph story changes take place immediately after these events. Mara Sov contacts us and says that Warmind’s bunker on the Moon is in danger due to Xivu Arath. We are going there intending to interfere with the Hive God of War and get the submind. After successfully completing the mission, our Guardian is told to visit the Warmind Launch Facility to get rid of the Hive and gain access to the Seraph Station. Although everything went well, we didn’t get full access.

The next Season of Seraph week begins with the gathering of the entire Bray family. Elizabeth claims that Clovis constantly lies and cannot be trusted. At the same time, Anastasia tries to convince the idea that only he knows how to restore Rasputin. As a result, this dispute leads to nothing, and everyone diverges. Meanwhile, Clovis sends a guard to Mars because of the “time wounds” you can access Charlemagne, which is another submind. We successfully accessed it and again went to the Launch Control Facility to get the encrypted codes.

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Once Clovis has deciphered these codes, our Guardian is off to one of the best Destiny 2 Season of Seraph quests. Its actions take place on a station that is in Earth’s orbit. We don’t want to retell this Exotic Quest, so you can enjoy it yourself.

And that’s all for today’s article! Sure, this is not the whole story of the season. Perhaps many other details will be revealed closer to its end in February. However, Bungie again didn’t provide players with the Season of Seraph roadmap, which is why we can only guess about the upcoming events this season. And yet, now you know everything you need to dive into this season’s storyline, and we hope it really helped you.

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