Season 23: Next Dungeon Release Date and New Exotic Weapon

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Season 23 Dungeon Release Date

Another Thursday, another TWID, as usual. Today, it came with fresh details about the upcoming changes in Destiny 2. This time, the article was dedicated to the forthcoming content in Season 23, where Bungie covered more information on the economic changes, weapons, and more. We tried to gather all the important information for you in one article, but you can still read TWID separately.

Season 23 Dungeon Release Date

Bungie has announced that the Year-6 Dungeon will be released on Friday, December 1, at 12:00 PM (EST) or at 6:00 PM (CET). Although the company has kept the details of the dungeon under wraps, it’s speculated that the Season of the Wish dungeon is most likely related to Ahamkara in one way or another. The community is excited about what the new mini-raid will entail and is eager to witness its unique challenges.

The Return of Dragon’s Breath Exotic Launcher

If you watched The Final Shape presentation, you know that Bungie teased the return of various Exotic weapons there. However, no one could have thought that the Dragon’s Breath shown there would appear in Season 23.

This rocket launcher will be part of the Season 23 Battle Pass, and the developers revealed the following details:

Dragon's Breath Season 23
(Source: Bungie)

More Season 23 Economic Changes

In the latest TWID, Bungie shared new information regarding the game’s economy. They also reminded players about some old data. In Season 23, Ghost Mods and Rahool Prices will still be decreased. Additionally, the first phase of removing Legendary Shards from many prices is going to begin. The upcoming changes will affect Lost Sectors (LS) and Ritual Activities. Let’s discuss these modifications to understand everything better.

Lost Sectors New Rewards

With Vex Strike Event’s appearance, Legend and Master Lost Sectors became unnecessary to play. Bungie understood this perfectly and decided to completely revise the rewards for Lost Sectors without removing the old ones.

From Season of the Wish, you will receive Gunsmith Engrams and Foundry Weapons for completing Lost Sectors. The chances of their dropping are as follows:

Completing a regular LS won’t grant Foundry Weapons, but completing it on Master Difficulty guarantees a drop and adds an extra perk in the third or fourth column.

However, how would this whole Foundry Weapons system work? In order to make farming more accessible, the weapons in Lost Sector are going to rotate every day. The full list of guns for Season of the Wish is as follows:

Rotation 1Nox Perennial V
Old Sterling
Senuna SI6
Rotation 2Psi Hermetic V
Rotation 3Heliocentric QSc
Last Foray
Hand in Hand
Battle Scar
Rotation 4Geodetic HSm
Combined Action
Harsh Language

From the presented weapons, there are a few worth farming. For example, Nox Perennial V is an excellent Fusion Rifle for DPS, Senuna SI6 is one of the few Sidearms with Headseeker, and Harsh Language is an amazing Void Wave Frame GL by itself.

Ritual Activities Engrams Increase

Since removing Legendary Shards will significantly increase the focusing prices, mainly affecting Ritual Engrams, Bungie decided to dramatically increase their drop rate. The developers reported that increasing engram drops would help players get the god rolls of fresh guns as quickly as possible. In addition, players will be able to focus old guns and armor without any issues, which will now cost three engrams instead of one.

What to Expect from TWID Next Week

Next week, Bungie will start detailing Stasis Subclass changes and share plans for Exotic Armor. The article is likely to be very large, so be prepared for a brief analysis from us. Most likely, we’ll get another Season of the Wish teaser, but let’s wait and see what they’re preparing.

A little reminder that the release of Season 23 will take place on November 28, when the secrets of the last wish are starting to be revealed.

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