Destiny 2 Season 23: Crucible Changes and Sparrow PvP Mode

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Crucible Changes Season 23

Today, Bungie decided to delight fans of Destiny 2 PvP by introducing a bunch of details about the upcoming changes in Season of the Wish. The development team notes that this is far from everything that will appear in the forthcoming season, so it’s recommended to keep that in mind. Moreover, there are so many details that you could even drown in this heap of text. That’s why we’ve compiled all the essential information into points for a more accessible overview:

That concludes this significant TWID, and to be honest — there’s quite a lot of content. If you are a fan of PvP in Destiny 2, be sure to share your impressions in the comments. We are personally intrigued by Comp Weapon Focus, as we’ll finally be able to earn God Roll on old guns!

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