Scourge of the Past Raid Is Returning to Destiny 2 Season 22

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Scourge of the Past Raid Is Returning to Destiny 2 Season 22


In a recent development, Liz confirmed that the returning raid is neither Scourge of the Past nor Wrath of the Machines.

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Bungie has reintroduced the Scourge of the Past raid into the Destiny 2 database. Thus, speculations abound about the possible return of said instance in Lightfall Season 22.

As stated above, the raid from Season of the Forge is coming back to the FPS title. You can check it out for yourself in the Destiny Definitions Archive.

According to Destiny Leaks, this piece of information lines up with claims that Wrath of the Machines would not be the returning raid this year.

Other than that, Liz, a renowned and credible source in the community, has also shared her thoughts on the matter.

 “Also, I want to point out the returning raid is likely Scourge. Leviathan wouldn’t come back, especially since we just got a Cabal raid. This isn’t a confirmation post, just informed speculation.” 

— Liz

However, upon hearing this leak, fans are not particularly excited about Scourge’s return instead of Wrath. Many wonder what has prompted the studio to make such a decision. But there are also others looking forward to the reappearance of Forge Weapons, raid loot, and the fun that comes with it. 

At present, nothing is set in stone just yet. No official information has been released regarding which raid will return. We will have to wait and see what Bungie’s final decision will be.

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