Bungie Released Prismatic Gameplay Preview on Every Class

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The long-awaited Prismatic Preview Gameplay for every class has finally arrived, and it’s a game-changer that’s sure to shake up your Destiny 2 experience!

Prismatic Gameplay

Today, Bungie decided to share in-depth details about the Prismatic subclass, but before that, we got gameplay previews for each class, showcasing their effectiveness in both PvE and PvP modes.

A new trailer appeared every hour, and the first showed us Prismatic Warlock’s gameplay. Interestingly, we noticed a few exciting things:

After that, we got Hunter’s Prismatic gameplay, in which we saw a boss fight with Kataxiia, Tormentor of the Ahamkara, from The Final Shape Strike. Also, during PvP gameplay, you can see the completed challenge with the Episode icon pomp-out.

While we’ve been treated to a wealth of gameplay previews, Bungie has unveiled the final one, which is dedicated to the Titan. In this preview, we’ve noticed a new perk called Threat Remover, but it’s unclear what exactly it does.

And that’s all gameplay previews of Prismatic subclass that we got. Don’t forget that Bungie also is going to reveal new info on Prismatic today, so stay tuned!

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