Destiny 2 Players Call for Change to Strand’s Fragment Unlocking System

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Destiny 2 players have voiced their concerns about the tedious process of unlocking the Strand’s aspects and fragments for every character they make.

Since its release, the Strand subclass has been the subject of much discussion among fans. It offers Guardians a new way to traverse the game’s world and deal with enemies, making it a desirable addition to anyone’s arsenal. However, completely mastering its various abilities can be a frustrating experience.

One of the main complaints about the process is players must unlock aspects and fragments for each and every character they create. The grind is much more enjoyable than Stasis. Yet, having to do it for hours, again and again, is a task so tedious that Guardians are steering clear from. To better understand what the community is going through, you can take a look at Redditor Arcturus1800’s post down below.

Many have thought of a solution: once an aspect or fragment is purchased, it should be accessible account-wide for all of one’s characters. But in the end, it remains to be seen if Bungie will make any changes to the controversial process. Nevertheless, fans are hopeful their voices will be heard.

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