New Bounty System in Destiny 2 and UI Changes in the DLC

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Bungie has introduced a new bounty system for Destiny 2: The Final Shape, which will improve the experience for all players!

New Bounty System in Destiny 2

Bungie released a lot of information in one go. Previously, they released articles about Subclass changes and Exotic armor improvements in The Final Shape. Today, we received a new TWID update with more information about the expansion and other details. This is a lot to process, so let’s get straight to the point.

The Final Shape VIDOC

You may have missed the new video from the developers today, which is dedicated to developing The Final Shape. It provides details about the development and many interesting insights. For example, The Witness will try to persuade Guardians throughout the story to become its disciple, and the story’s main characters will be Crow, Ikora, Zavala, Cayde, Ghost, and Witness. The second part of the VIDOC will be released tonight to shed more light on the expansion.

Exotic Artifice, Ammo Finder And Raid Armor Mods Update

The last significant changes will affect Exotics and Mods. First, let’s talk about Armor. You can now create an Artifice Armor Slot on any Exotic! The cost is relatively high, specifically for Exotic Cipher and 10,000 Glimmer, but the free +3 stat is worth it.

Next up, we have changes to Ammo Finder and Raid Armor Mods. Ammo Finders will no longer reset progress after each death, making them more reliable. Additionally, Raid Armor Mods will no longer require Armor Energy, enhancing Buildcrafting for Raids.

Double Shiny Weapons

If you’re tired of farming Brave Arsenal Limited Edition weapons, Bungie has excellent news for you. Starting May 28, Shiny weapons will have double the drop chance. Remember that we currently have double Brave Tokens and Weapons, meaning you have many opportunities to get the weapons.

New Bounty Pathfinder System

The new Pathfinder System will replace Ritual Bounties and will be presented in two iterations: Pale Heart and Ritual.

How Pathfinder in Destiny 2 Works

You will be presented with multiple Paths consisting of not particularly difficult Objectives, such as summoning three Primevals in Gambit or defeating certain combatants in The Pale Heart. Completing a full path consisting of five tasks will reward you with a Path Completion Reward. Access to the Pathfinder will be available everywhere, so you won’t need to fly to a Destination unnecessarily. Additionally, all tasks will be completed passively, even those not on your selected Path.

Pathfinder in Destiny 2

Pathfinder Rewards

What rewards can be obtained by fully completing the Pathfinder System? In The Pale Heart, for the first two completions, players will receive an Unknown Exotic, The Pale Heart engram, vendor reputation, and 25,000 XP. The third completed Path will give all the above except the Exotic, while all subsequent completions will only reward you with a World Legendary engram, 150 Vendor Reputation, and 4,000 XP.

Ritual Pathfinder Awards differ from their alternative, and the main reward will be Bright Dust. Unlike the current Bounty system, Pathfinder progress is shared across all characters, making tracking easier.

pathfinder rewards

UI Changes

Remember when Bungie mentioned and showed us the new Buff UI in The Final Shape? Well, that’s not the only thing we’ll get now.

UI changes in The Final Shape

The Final Shape Downtime

Bungie reminded us that on June 3, there will be a server shutdown to prepare for the release of The Final Shape. The downtime will last precisely one day, but you will be able to download a huge update in advance to be prepared. The developers warn that sign-in queues will likely be for the first few hours and during peak online times.

Final Words

And that’s all for today. Tomorrow, we will be back with more VIDOC news, and we hope you are preparing for The Final Shape. Also, we recommend learning how to get Exotics in Destiny 2 because previous TWIDs mentioned how this system will be reworked.

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