Bungie and Netflix Were Working on Destiny Animated Show

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Destiny Animated Show was in works and Netflix was helping with its production.

Destiny Animated Show

The gaming community has been abuzz with rumors and discussions about video game adaptations like The Last of Us, Fallout, and League of Legends for the past few years. Among these, Destiny stands out, with its passionate fanbase eagerly awaiting a show set in their beloved universe. The excitement peaked when Bungie announced their plans to expand the Destiny universe in 2021. However, it seems like the wait for this dream to come true will be a bit longer.

Paul Tassi, a renowned Forbes reporter on Destiny and other games, revealed some intriguing information about an animated project set in the Destiny universe. This project was supposedly in the works in collaboration with Netflix, but it was canceled shortly before Sony acquired Bungie for a staggering $3.6 billion. According to Tassi, the project was in the following state:

“I’m not sure how far it got. I think it was in [the] scripting phase or something. This was a long time ago. I think it was before the Sony acquisition, I’m pretty sure.”

Paul Tassi

Unfortunately, nothing more is known about this show and whether these developments were ultimately trashed. Likely, Bungie could be working on some show, as Hiroki Totoki, interim CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, stated in 2022 about the possibility of developing the franchise in new directions with the help of Sony Pictures and Music. Moreover, Gabriel VanHuss joined Bungie in 2023 as Head of Linear Media to develop the Destiny 2 IP into new media such as films, books, comics, and more. Previously, he was Executive Producer at Warner Bros. Discovery’s MotorTrend Group, which makes his expertise potentially valuable for Bungie.

Nevertheless, there are still no leaks or details about which projects they are working on regarding Destiny now. All we have is our speculation on a possible Destiny TV show, but it’s unclear how much our ideas can materialize into reality. Moreover, Bungie might be working on Destiny 3 now, which could receive phenomenal advertising through a series or an animated show. Who knows, maybe its announcement will take place in the coming months?

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