Into the Light Final Stream Recap: Exotic Missions, PvP Maps

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The Final Into the Light Stream Recap is here!

Into the Light Final Stream

Today marked the last stream for Into the Light, and Bungie revealed many exciting details, including the return of beloved missions and previews of PvP maps. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what awaits us soon!

Returning Exotic Missions

Legacy Destiny 2 fans will be thrilled with this news, as The Whisper and Zero Hour Exotic Missions are back in all of their glory. Let’s quickly go over the changes awaiting us in them:

Overall, we look forward to the return of the old missions, but for now, let’s move on to the good news for Crucible players.

New Destiny 2 PvP Maps

The Into the Light Showcase gave us our first look at the new three PvP Maps, which will be released on May 7! Along with their release, a separate 3v3 Playlist will be introduced in the game, featuring only these maps, so you will be able to test them in practice.

The first map on the list is Eventide Labs, located on Europa. It is an abandoned laboratory that Eramis uses as a refueling station for her massive Ketch, which will be visible during gameplay on it. The map mainly consists of winding corridors, but there are also more open areas for long-range shootouts.

Cirrus Plaza on Neomuna will take place in one of the city’s buildings. There, you can visit various locations, such as an Arcade or Restaurant. As the developer said during the stream, you will notice many Crisp Edges and Flat Floors.

The third map, Dissonance, will be located in the Witness’s pyramid and will have more open locations compared to the previous two maps. Visually, it will differ slightly from the locations we know in the Pyramids and resemble more a repository of unusual things collected by the Witness. It will also feature many platforms that can provide room for tactics.

Other Interesting Info from the Stream

Next, the stream quickly blitzed through other upcoming innovations that will appear in the game before The Final Shape, and we will quickly go through them in the same format:

Final Words

So that’s the last stream for Into the Light. We only have to wait one more week for the update, so let’s be patient a little longer. If you missed our previous recaps, we recommend reading the first stream recap and the second stream recap.

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