How to Get Whisper of the Worm Exotic in Destiny 2: Catalyst, Perks, and Traits

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This guide will tell you how to get Whisper of the Worm Exotic in Destiny 2 step by step.

If you were wondering how to get the Pattern to craft the Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle, this guide is for you. We will also tell you how to complete The Whisper Mission and get Catalyst, Perks, and Traits for your rifle.

Whisper of the Worm Exotic Overview

The Whisper Mission to obtain the Whisper of the Worm Exotic was first added to Destiny 2 in 2018. It was reintroduced with the Into the Light update in April 2024. The Whisper Exotic Mission is Free-to-Play now.

Whisper of the Worm’s main feature is the White Nail Exotic Perk, which grants higher base precision damage: rapidly landing three precision hits will refill the rifle’s magazine. Another available Perk is Mulligan, which provides a chance to return ammo directly to the magazine if you miss a shot.

The Catalyst for this rifle is the Whispered Breathing Exotic Perk. This Catalyst Perk provides the bonus range and precision damage to Whisper of the Worm when shooting from sight after a short moment of aiming.

Whisper of the Worm has high total damage and is easy to use, making it a great DPS weapon option for bosses like Oryx.

How to Get Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle

Starting Whisper of the Worm Exotic Mission

First, you need to go to the Moon and take the Whispers of the Past quest from Eris Morn. The Whisper Mission is 1810 Power Level, and you will have 40 minutes on Normal difficulty to complete it. To start the Mission, open your Director and go to the Into the Light section; you can take the Whisper Mission there. It’s best to complete this Mission with friends or two other players.

The Mission begins in Io, and you have to dive deeper into it, defeating enemies and destroying Taken Blights along the way. Next, there will be a pretty long platformer puzzle where you must jump among Vex structures. Be careful, some moving platforms come out of the walls and can knock you down. Luckily, there are unlimited respawn spots. You can watch a complete walkthrough visual demonstration in this video:

The Bosses

Finally, you’ll reach the boss arena after jumping through several platforming labyrinths and halls with enemies. After dealing with some regular enemies to go through, you can shoot the Vex cubes and release three bosses: one at a time or all at once. The bosses are Taken Captain, Centurion, and Knight. Of course, taking them down one by one will be easier, but you can get Triumph by releasing them all at once and defeating them.

After you defeat these three bosses, a big final boss will appear in the arena. This boss is a big Taken Ogre: Tulgorh, Aspect of Agony. The key to fighting this boss is to remember to destroy the Wizards who charge his shield before shooting the boss himself. When you defeat all the bosses, open the chest at the end of the arena and get your Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle Pattern.

How to Get Whisper of the Worm Exotic Catalyst, Perks, and Traits

Whisper of the Worm Exotic Catalyst

To get Catalyst, you just need to play The Whisper Mission on Legend difficulty. This time, you will only have 20 minutes instead of 40 and get the Exotic Perk Whispered Breathing for the Whisper of the Worm at the end. You can watch a complete solo walkthrough on Legend difficulty visual demonstration in this video:

Whisper of the Worm Perks

After receiving Whisper of the Worm Exotic, you need to return to the Moon to Eris Morn to take the next quest from her, Whispers of the Taken. Before you go on this quest, you need to craft your Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle from the Pattern you got and take it with you on the Mission.

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Whispers of the Taken Quest

The quest was designed for three weeks and, accordingly, is divided into three parts. At the end of each part of the quest, you will receive Perks for your Whisper of the Worm Exotic. All three missions can be completed in advance before replaying The Whisper mission on Legend difficulty. It’s better to complete all three of them together than replay The Whisper mission three times.

The final stage of each quest is replaying The Whisper Mission on Legend difficulty. It can be replayed once, after you have completed all challenges of each quest. At the end of the Mission, of course, you must speak with Eris Morn on the Moon.

Whispers of the Taken I

The first part of the quest involves defeating 10 Taken with any weapon and anywhere, for example, in Divalian Mists in The Dreaming City. Then destroy the first set of Taken Blights on Legend difficulty:

You and your Fireteam must be at least 1820-1830 Power Level to successfully complete the Mission within the time limit. Try to have at least 10 minutes left by the time the boss fight starts. After you defeat Tulgorh for the second time, you will unlock Field Prep Perk. It allows you to reload your Whisper of the Worm rifle faster while crouched and also increases its overall ammo capacity.

Whispers of the Taken II

The next Perk is No Distractions, which allows you to reduce flinch when you aim for a while. You need to defeat Taken enemies with Whisper of the Worm equipped and collect their Taken Essences to get it. Then, find and destroy the second set of Taken Blights:

Whispers of the Taken III

The last quest will allow you to get the craftable Enlightened Action Perk, which multiplies reload speed and handling while dealing damage. To unlock it, you need to defeat Taken enemies with precision shots while Whisper of the Worm is equipped, collect their Taken Essences, and destroy the third set of Taken Blights:

Whisper of the Worm Traits and Ship

To get Intrinsic Traits for White Nail Exotic and Karve of the Worm ship, you need to find and destroy seven Oracles in The Whisper Exotic Mission. When you find all seven, you’ll get the Oracular Seeker Triumph and unlock all rewards. You can watch all seven Oracles locations’ visual demonstration in this video:


Now you know how to get Whisper of the Worm Exotic in Destiny 2. Even if you have already had this Sniper Rifle and its Catalyst since 2018, with the Into the Light update, it makes sense to replay this quest to unlock Perks and Traits.

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