How to get Vexcalibur Catalysts in Destiny 2 Guide

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The Secret Mission in Season of Defiance was a real surprise for many players, and the reward for completing it was the magnificent Vexcalibur. And just like the previous season, you can get up to three Catalysts for this Glaive, making the weapon even more useful. How to find Catalysts for Vexcalibur, and what do you need to do to find them? Today we will answer these questions and explain which one is worth using. Take a seat. We’re flying out to destroy the Vex!


After obtaining the Exotic weapon, you will immediately receive the Vexcalibur Authorization Override quest, where you need to destroy Vex with your Glaive. After you stop the machine uprising, you will get a quest update, and you should check out the Weapon Mods. There, you will find a strange item with coordinates. Equip it, fly to the H.E.L.M, and you’ll be able to complete the //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// mission on Legendary with this Glaive. You must go through this mission thrice since one catalyst only drops in one passage.


During the first playthrough of the mission, you can find secret chests that contain Vexcalibur Matrix.

One of the first secret chests is at the very beginning of the mission. All you need are the followings:

After defeating the first boss:

The last chest becomes available after defeating the final boss. Regardless, it is essential not to open the chest of the boss. Beneath the arena, many ledges will lead to the precious Vex wall. There again, you need to find and break the triangular shapes. We made a video to help you navigate through them more conveniently.

This way, you will get to the secret room and obtain the M1R Distribution Matrix IV, and what awaits you there will be a surprise for you.


After so much suffering, you finally got three Catalysts for your Vexcalibur, but what do they do exactly?

Matrices allow you to choose perks that give stats of your choice. M1R Distribution Matrix II unlocks the Haft selection, M1R Distribution Matrix III unlocks the Magazine selection, and M1R Distribution Matrix IV unlocks the Stock selection.


In addition to the main chests, there are additional ones in the Avalon mission. By discovering them, you’ll earn a triumph, learn more history, and receive Enhancement Prism with Upgrade Modules.

One of the first is found after the chest with the M1R Distribution Matrix II. You have to release another good Vex from the cage by activating two buttons on both sides.

The next one can be obtained immediately after the first stage. To do this, go up to the wall and activate the green button on its other side. Return to where you came from, and you’ll see a tower with figures. Also, in the distance, you can see newly appeared ledges. You will see a passage by climbing up them and flying to the right side. Fly through the arch on the left, you’ll see the figures that need to be broken in the correct order only with the help of Vexcalibur.

Another chest will be right after the last one, and you must turn after the Vex River. There you will find a Vex Wall with Red Sphere in it. As shown in the video, take it and run to the correct place.

After the first boss and the moving walls with the M1R Distribution Matrix III, you will see a triangular figure in the distance. Break them all with your Vexcalibur, and the puzzle is complete.

We trust that you will encounter no difficulties in acquiring everything you need, and if you do succeed, please share this article with your friends. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other Destiny 2 guides, such as Winterbite or Deterministic Chaos!

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