How to get Strange Coins in Destiny 2: The Final Shape update

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Vendor Xur has transformed his store in The Final Shape. Here, you’ll know how to get Strange Coins to trade with him.

With the launch of The Final Shape expansion, significant changes have arrived in Destiny 2, particularly affecting the trading system with Xur. This guide will walk you through the updates and explain how to earn Strange Coins in Destiny 2 now.

Strange Coins are not a new currency in Destiny 2, but they were rarely used before The Final Shape. Now, not only has their use been updated, but so has the obtaining method. Xur stopped wandering and set up his shop in the Tower at the Bazaar. All Strange Coins that players had before the Final Shape update remain.

What you can buy with Strange Coins in Destiny 2

Strange Coins are the currency for acquiring items from Xur, including Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor, Exotic Catalysts, and Engrams. Xur’s inventory is refreshed weekly. In our weekly updated article, you can always find out what Xur is selling now.

How to get Strange Coins in Destiny 2

Strange Coins can be earned through various Ritual activities, such as Vanguard Ops, Gambit, and Crucible. They are also obtainable from Trials, Iron Banner, and Onslaught. Additionally, they can randomly drop from campaign missions or chests. Engaging in Ritual activities, especially Crucible, is the most efficient and reliable method for collecting Strange Coins.

Strange Coins farm

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For completing Ritual activities, you are guaranteed to earn from two to four Strange Coins. On average, Xur’s items cost between 17 and 74 Strange Coins. Moreover, there is an additional way to increase your Strange Coin earnings: Xur’s loyalty program activates when you spend a certain number of Strange Coins.

Favor of the Nine

Upon spending 47 Strange Coins with Xur, you will receive the Strange Favor buff, which grants a chance to earn a bonus Strange Coin each time you get Coins. This buff can be obtained weekly and stacks up to three times, allowing you to receive up to three extra Strange Coins per acquisition. Each Strange Favor buff lasts for 11 days.


Now you know how to earn Strange Coins in Destiny 2 most effectively. We hope you enjoy your trading with Xur. In our weekly updated article, you can also find out where is Xur in Destiny 1.

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