How to get Harrowed Weapons in Kings Fall raid

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Kings Fall Harrowed weapons are finally here. Before we had time to enjoy the return of the old-new Raid, Bungie had already delivered to us the Master version of this very important mission in the Destiny universe. Every professional Guardian knows that not just ordinary guns fall from a complicated Raid but highly improved versions of them, and everyone will want to get them. Usually, these weapons are called Adept, Harrowed weapons. In this case, it is their new name, which not every player remembers yet.

Today we will explain in the most detailed and understandable way all the necessary information related to Harrowed weapons in Destiny 2. How to get them? What are their features and differences from the originals? What perks and mods are recommended? Are they even worth the time and effort to farm? Well, to the latter, we can immediately answer that, of course, yes. If you are worried that you have very little time for numerous raids, then you can buy Harrowed weapons on our website, and we will quickly deliver the guns you need with all the desired requirements. For everyone else with enough time for this activity, sit down, call your friends, open the article, the game itself — and let’s start!

What are Harrowed Weapons in Destiny 2?

Harrowed, or Adept, Weapons are essentially improved versions of their original versions. They immediately have two perks built into each column, and masterwork buffs all of its stats by three. And you can insert special Harrowed mods in Destiny 2, such as Adept Big One’s Spec, which allows you to deal extra damage against powerful combatants, bosses, and vehicles.

How to get Harrowed Weapons?

Oh, here you have to not fall from shock. You need to clear the Master difficulty of this Raid. In it, the enemies become much brighter and more bloodthirsty. You and your squad will have to survive and hope for a miracle. And if you thought that this was the only trip, then the devs from Bungie have prepared another catch. These new Adept weapons in Destiny 2 can only be obtained by completing the necessary challenges at different stages, radically changing the approach to passing the raid. In King’s Fall, you will find five such challenges for each important stage:

As in the case of Vow of the Disciple, the loot pool in this Raid is entirely random, and you can get completely different guns, which we will talk about later in this article. Unfortunately, there is no more rotation with Harrowed weapons this week or any other. The first challenge at the time of writing this article is The Grass is Always Greener, and every next Tuesday, the challenge is updated according to the list above (tldr: next will be Devious Thievery, etc.). Be prepared for a considerable number of attempts and unsuccessful drops. Your nerves are more valuable than any weapons!

King’s Fall Challenges Explained

We quickly and clearly explain how to pass these tests and give valuable tips as a bonus to make it easier for you to pass. Don’t expect revelations, but this will definitely come in handy. We know that you really want these King’s Fall adept weapons in your collection.

The Grass Is Always Greener

Requirements for execution: Guardians cannot get one of the two brands (Brand of the Unraveler or Brand of the Weaver) twice in a row.

Although the first stage is relatively easy, its challenge is already causing problems for many fireteams in the Master Raid. To complete it, players must constantly change the totems they will stand. If you were standing under the right totem, then after you deposit Deathsinger’s Power buff, you will have to run to the left side.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But there are two main problems — teammates, who can get lost in space, as well as Champions, who will kill you forever and prevent you from passing this stage. So we can only wish you good luck not losing your nerve!

Devious Thievery

Requirements for execution: Guardians must steal the Brand from their teammate in five seconds or less after picking up the Brand Stealer buff. This is likely where you will have the most problems.

This will require the collective work of the team and the lightning speed of the actions of both teammates. The best way to complete this challenge is to have the team in the middle of the arena during the DPS phase. Because of this, the path from the knights to the fireteam will be optimal and short. You will be able to deal damage to the boss without distraction and easily swap buffs with each other.

The question immediately arises of what to do when the column in the center breaks? The answer is simple. After the first phase, you and your partner with the damage buff will have to switch instantly as soon as you pick up the Brand Claimer that the Knight drops. However, you can assign one Guardian who will follow and instantly kill Knights and tell you where you can get this buff. We can offer another way, namely to take ARC 3.0, which speeds up if you amplify and makes it easy to get to your partner for an exchange in 5 seconds.

Gaze Amaze

Requirements for execution: The Guardian holding Golgoroth’s Gaze has to be in a Pool of Reclaimed Light when their teammate takes the Gaze.

Straightforward as well but requires maximum concentration and interaction between your fireteam. The essence of the challenge is simple, each of you will have to shoot at the boss himself and, at the same time, run around with a debuff. Something similar can be recalled even in Scourge of the Past. In general, you choose the order of who will start, who will go next and after him, and so on.

As soon as they are distributed, they act the old-fashioned way. Still, after the buff ends, the second one already shoots at the back of the boss to get his own. The first player simultaneously jumps into the Pool of Reclaimed Light, switching places with the third player, who is preparing to exit the Pool and shoot at the back of the boss. All this may sound confusing, but once you try it and practice, it will practically not differ from the usual stage in any way. It will even make the experience of this encounter much more fun. However, you can do the old way, where only two people will be responsible for Golgoroth’s Gaze, but you have to be as accurate as possible.

If you’re worried that you can’t make it to the Pool of Reclaimed Light, it’s best not to extend the damage phase. Conversely, a successful challenge is better than a bit of time saved.

Under Construction

Requirements for execution: Guardians not Torn Between Dimensions cannot stand on the same plate twice before a damage phase occurs.

One of the easiest challenges, even if your fireteam can quickly get confused and stuck on it for a long time. The most understandable solution would be to rotate people on the plates clockwise or counterclockwise, whichever is more convenient for you. If you do not interfere with each other, everything will go like clockwork.

Don’t forget that this stage definitely needs two Guardians who will be ready to stand on the plate instead of the teammate who became torn. Also, according to the description, after the damage phase, you can safely stand on the plates you were already standing on, so don’t worry if this happens.

Hands Off

Requirements for execution: Guardians cannot kill the same Lighteater Ogre or Knight more than once during the encounter.

The tactic is almost similar to the previous challenge, but it’s even easier because you will only have to change after each Damage Phase since Ogres and Knights spawn only once before it. You also switch between the plates clockwise or counterclockwise, but you need to do this less often, because of which you are unlikely to get confused and pass this challenge quickly.

Have problems with any of the above challenges, or don’t fully understand how different encounters work? Then we strongly recommend reading the Kings Fall Raid overview, which explains in great detail and in simple language how to go through each listed stage. Without this guide, you will not pass the Raid in any way, and even more so, its challenges if you have never been in it.

King’s Fall Harrowed Weapons

The time has come to disassemble these weapons themselves, and, for the most part, it will be a kind of Kings Fall Harrowed weapons list. You can take a look at the guns themselves and find out which are the most worthy of attention and use. We will analyze the paragraphs below in more detail about whether it is worth knocking them out. In fact, it will never matter to collectors whether this or that gun is useful, and for the average player, these guns will please them as well as ordinary ones.

Doom of Chelchis (Harrowed)

Void scout rifle with really good perks. It easily deals with a large number of enemies, and therefore is most suitable for PVE activities. Great for master difficulty of this raid and any other endgame content.

Smite of Merain (Harrowed)

Pulse rifle, which, unfortunately, is also more suitable for fighting mobs. A wide variety of perks and a significant recoil give you the choice of how you want to best play. Not a bad weapon, but there are much better options in this Harrowed weapons list in Destiny 2 PVE.

Qullim’s Terminus (Harrowed)

This weapon was not lucky at all because, in the entire list, it is the most outdated and worst in this list at the time of the season. It may even be good among the legendary machine guns, but for example, Fixed Odds kills all these pluses.

Defiance of Yasmin (Harrowed)

Finally, a genuinely noteworthy weapon. This sniper rifle will kick ass in PVP to anyone who runs through its scope. One of the best weapons for killing players, which not only pleases with its perks but also has the most open sight in the game. An absolute monster, and clearly, it’s Adept — the best one on the list and from all Harrowed guns in Destiny 2.

Zaouli’s Bane (Harrowed)

Another example of a weapon that makes sense to fight for is in this Raid. An excellent hand cannon, which is now leading in PVE, and at the same time, wins the hearts of players with its superb damage and powerful perks. By the way, it also shows itself well in killing players, so you can take it in Crucible or Gambit. We recommend getting this gun to all fans of hand cannons. This gun right here is one of the best from all Kings Fall Harrowed guns.

Midha’s Reckoning (Harrowed)

A powerful and simply unforgettable fusion that is suitable for Raids and other activities to kill large opponents and bosses. Its perks, such as Reservoir Burst combined with the origin trait, deal with enemies in no time and have it during some DPS phases is highly recommended.

Are Harrowed Raid weapons worth the grind?

After reading the article, many players may question: is it worth it to farm for your collection of Harrowed weapons at all? After all, you can just go to a more accessible version of the Raid, farm for a couple of weeks, and craft the right gun for yourself. And the answer depends on the guns themselves.

These Adept Guns have the same feature as Timelost from Vault of Glass — each Harrowed weapon will have two guaranteed perks in advance. For example, Zaouli’s Bane has Explosive Payload + One for All, which may already be the best roll for many, and there is no need to farm regular Raids for the crafted version of this gun. But in Midha’s Reckoning, these perks are bad and unnecessary, so in essence, you will get one perk per column instead of two each time. However, even the Harrowed version of this gun will find its use due to Adept mods. You can slot into Midha’s Reckoning Adept Big One’s Spec, which will allow you to deal more damage to both large enemies and bosses, making this fusion rifle much stronger than its crafted or standard versions.

This is where our Kings Fall Adept weapons guide ends. Feel free to refer to this article at any time; we hope it will be helpful to you in the future. And yes, if you are interested in our other articles, be sure to check them out and tell your friends. At the same time, do not forget about our services that make your life much easier!

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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