How to Get Exotic Glaives in Destiny 2

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Still haven’t enriched your inventory with the Edge collection? Tune in as we break down what to expect from your Exotic glaive grind.

Introduced to the game as part of the latest DLC, the glaive is Bungie’s fresh-from-the-oven addition to the weapon roster for Guardians to try out and master. While the community is still in two minds about what niche these weapons can fill – and whether they can fit in at all – we’re rushing in with a step-by-step guide on how to get Exotic glaives and what they’re like in combat.

The Magnificent Five of Destiny 2 Glaives

Currently, the game has five glaives for Guardians to get hold of.

With the Enigma being the first and one of the best Destiny 2 glaives to date, you’ll get acquainted with the type through the Relic at the Enclave. In case you’re not yet familiar with the crafting system, or need to brush up on the basics, check out our detailed Enclave guide to get a solid grasp on how it works and what you need to do.

Lubrae’s Ruin, the D2 raid glaive, is issued as a Legendary, rocking a terrific look and rolling with a bunch of great perks. And since we are talking related articles here, there’s a Vow of the Disciple guide to help you beat all the encounters and get your sweet rewards, including some high-tier Witch Queen raid exotics.

Speaking of which, in their Exotic iteration, glaives are class-specific, meaning each of the big class trio has one up for grabs. The best thing about Destiny 2 Exotic glaives is their charged-up powers. When used as long-range weapons, they absorb generated energy, and once the bar is filled, unleash their ultimate trait that varies depending on the class.

Dealing both close- and long-range damage and having a built-in shield on top of that, glaives offer a very peculiar playstyle that requires some heavy getting used to. Even a skilled sword wielder will most likely find this weapon type somewhat challenging to adapt to, let alone actually mastering it. That makes glaives both loved and hated, sought-after and rendered useless, but there’s one thing no one can argue with: these badass-looking hybrid polearms are nothing like anything you’ve ever used before throughout your whole Destiny journey. So why not give them a try?

Edge of Intent

Warlock-exclusive Solar-type Destiny 2 Edge of Intent transforms into a health-restoring turret. Spawn on the ground, it fires healing balls every once in a while, giving out big chunks of HP to you or any teammates around.

Edge of Action

The Edge of Action Destiny 2 glaive is of the Void type and bound to the Titan class. Its special trait generates a mini-version of the Ward of Dawn bubble to protect you and your allies from incoming enemy fire.

Edge of Concurrence

This Hunter-specific Arc weapon fires a tracking shot that’ll seek out a target and emit lightnings, dishing out chains of high damage.

The next part of our guide will dwell on how to get Edge of Concurrence along with its Warlock and Titan twin brothers, so read on and get ready to run some errands.

Unlocking Exotic Glaives

The jumping-off point for getting your first Witch Queen Exotic glaive is Mars with the Evidence Board placed on its red rocky land. Accessed through the DLC’s main story, the Board has a nice detective-style touch and features a set of short missions for you to run. To reach the final quest, you’ll need to handle all six mini-missions, or Reports as they’re called in-game. You can find a short breakdown of each one down below.

Report: Resonance-Comp

As one of the easiest missions to tackle, it simply sends you to get rid of enemies in three separate areas within the Throne World, picking up Runes upon kills.

Report: Altar-Reflect

The D2 Altar Reflect Report tasks you with visiting one of the Altars that contain Savathûn’s memories. Once you’re there, use Deepsight to line up picture pieces and reveal a hidden Witch Queen symbol. If you do it right, a portal will open to let you into another location. There’ll be puzzles to solve and enemies to take down, but nothing too challenging for a Guardian who’s already familiar with the campaign and its mechanics.

Report: Scorn-Order

For this mission, you’ll be sent to intercept orders from high-ranked Scorn adds that spawn in great numbers in Savathûn’s World. Kill the needed adds, pick up your mote drops, and rush back to the Board to deposit the findings.

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Report: Relic-Data

After a short mission from our Hive-turned-good buddy Fynch, you’ll get to the Relic-Data step – the lengthiest and the most resource-intensive of them all.

First off, you’ll have a few guns to craft. The first three titles on your list are Empirical Evidence, Likely Suspect, and Red Herring – all campaign-only rewards. You’ll also need Come to Pass and Tarnation, which drop exclusively from Wellspring. As crafting goes, only Deepsight versions are required for all five with no exception, so you better be ready to do some shooting.

Next up, the quest has one more task for you to commit to: reshaping a weapon and applying an Enhanced Trait on it. To do that, the weapon has to be maxed out first, so be ready to embark on a long leveling journey. Also, stock up on Ascendant Alloy – you’re gonna need tons of it for your reshaping and enhancing business.

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Report: Steps-Retraced

Compared to the previous grind fest, this one feels like a breather. Unlock story missions through Fynch’s level-ups, then run them to take down Champion adds and pick up Insights they drop. Easy-peasy, right?

Report: Pyramid-Inspect

The penultimate act of your Exotic glaive odyssey will send you straight into the VoD raid, with the first part of the undertaking ending up identical to the raid’s intro. The second part takes place inside the Black Fleet ship and has you clear a bunch of rooms, slaying Scorn to gather Runes and getting rid of Chieftan to reveal glyphs that show you the next room to invade.

Report: Reverse-Lure

Wrapping up all six missions will unravel the concluding Exotic glaive quest for you to handle before you get your well-deserved reward.

Take the Fragment to the Queen’s Bailey to use it as a lure to locate Immaru and ruin his villainous plans. There’ll be lots of sparrow flying and enemy shooting – and even a little spy stakeout to add to your full-on detective experience, because why not? Bringing the Fragment back to your detective office on Mars will reward you with the blueprint you can finally use to shape the long-awaited trophy.

Once your first Exotic glaive is ready, you’ll have to run Wellspring to obtain blueprints for the rest. It’ll take some time, but since the Exotic glaive pattern drop rate issue has been successfully fixed, the grind is now more or less bearable.

Despite being hated on by a fair part of the game’s playerbase, glaives still are a pretty distinctive piece of content that’s worth grinding out, at least for the sake of the upcoming archetype improvements. As you can see from this guide, the quest steps are quite doable and not horribly demanding, but the soon-to-be-finished Season of the Risen puts us on a pretty tight schedule to complete them all in time.

Season 17 is closing in, packed with a heap of groundbreaking changes, including massive D2 Exotic glaive buffs, so if you still haven’t unlocked your Edge weapons, it’s about time you do.

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