Destiny 2 Enclave Crafting Guide: Exotics & Legendaries

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Along with its compelling story and tons of new playable content, the Witch Queen DLC rolled out a much-awaited, full-fledged crafting system for us to get our Guardian hands on. Here’s everything you should know before traveling to the Enclave to tailor your unique dream guns.

Diving deeper into the storyline, you must have noticed the new Enclave destination and some red-bordered special-ability weapons with a bounty attached. That’s Bungie finally giving us a way to run wild building our own customized legendaries and Destiny 2 exotic weapons. With the act of crafting itself being pretty clear-cut, the system, much like everything else in the game, comes with a bunch of intricacies, which we’re gonna break down today in this guide.

The Enclave in Destiny

Your very first crafting experience awaits in the campaign’s quest that welcomes you to the Enclave and gives you the ropes on the game’s new feature.

Source: Bungie

The Enclave might sound familiar, but it has nothing to do with the Enclave Enigma Destiny 2 mystery of Season of the Lost’s Shattered Realms. This Enclave is a new location on Mars, accessible through the Throne World map, and it’s your go-to place to get started with crafting.

Apart from actually building firearms, the location gives you plenty of room to test them on its own firing range. To get there, pass the crafting relic and go down the stairs to the bottom area where you can shoot the plates and get a good grasp of how your newly-crafted goodies feel.

As the screenshot below shows, Destiny 2 weapon crafting basically gives you two main options to go with:

To get things rolling, you’ll need to extract and use certain types of materials, as well as unlock special patterns. Both can be acquired by progressing through the Deepsight Resonance (DR) objectives.

Rules of Crafting

Dropping massively from the campaign, Destiny 2 Witch Queen weapons come with the DR meter on them and are pretty distinctive with their red-bordered menu icons.

Filling that meter up will require you to simply use the gun and land kills with it. In return, you’ll get crafting resources and unlock patterns you’ll later use to create particular weapons. Both locked and already added patterns are shown in the corresponding Triumph menu tab.

Yet shaping is only step one. Once shaped, your new weapon will only have a small number of perks to slot. Using it in combat will unlock more perks from the curated pool. Once you have the whole roster, you’re free to play around and fine-tune the gun with the roll you like best.

Source: Bungie

Most of the craftable firearms belong to the legendary type, but there are a few exotics, including a top-notch Osteo Striga SMG and three glaives, one for each character class. Not so much to work with, but Bungie’s solid on adding more to the list, so we’ll just have to wait until the next big content drop arrives.

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Leveling Up Shaped Weapons

There’s no surprise that good old leveling sneaked into the new Destiny 2 weapon system, ‘cause it won’t be Destiny without something to level up, right?

Upgrading a shaped weapon is simple and can be narrowed down to one task: use it, the more the better. Leveling will unleash the weapon’s full power and, once you max it out, give you access to Enhanced Traits – ultimate versions of the existing perks. And here comes the tricky part.

Source: Bungie

Enhanced traits do provide buffs, but before spending materials on them, you should read the descriptions extra carefully to know exactly what you’re investing in. Some traits might not work for your playstyle at all, still costing you a fortune, so be deliberate and manage your resources wisely.

Exotic Weapon Crafting & Upgrading Tips

The Enclave weapon crafting is not really rocket science, but it still comes with a slew of complications. You’ll almost always be low on resources and constantly running those Deepsight objectives, so to make it a tad easier for you, we’ve come up with a bunch of useful tips.

First and foremost, never get rid of Deepsight weapons. Never ever. Even if you think they’re trash. Even if they are trash. Yeah, they might not fit your build or perform well, but they’re still a gold mine of materials and patterns, so just grab them, clench your teeth, and start getting those DR objectives done.

Source: Bungie

Next up, the materials. Like we’ve said before, be reasonable with how you manage your resources. Most of them drop in abundance, but some are not so easy to come by. Learn to prioritize and strategize your expanses. You wouldn’t want a sweaty one-month grind to go to waste because you were betting on the wrong horse, would you?

Also, things will go faster if you know the most effective grinding spots. The Wellspring activity, for example, drops not only Deepsight weapons but also that elusive, super-rare, and absolutely irreplaceable Ascendant Alloy. When working on that DR meter, go for high-density enemy areas to land more kills in less time. Grasp of Avarice, Last Wish, and the Moon’s Lost Sectors will do the trick just fine, but you might as well pick any other spot with lots of adds on it.

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With that said, thank you guys for reading! We hope this guide helped you with your crafting adventures. Don’t forget to check our blog for more tips, walkthroughs, and Destiny 2 weapon overviews.

See you soon, Guardians, and may the Light guide you.

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