Destiny 2: how to get Exotic Class Items in The Final Shape

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In this Exotic Class Items guide, you’ll find out how to get them and their god rolls.

How to get Exotic Class Items in Destiny 2

Have you completed The Final Shape campaign but still haven’t found the Exotic Class Items Bungie mentioned in interviews and presentations? The developers have hidden them well, but we’ve figured out how to get them. Let’s quickly break down how to obtain Exotic Class Items in D2!

How to get Exotic Class Items in Destiny 2

You need to find and complete a secret mission called Dual Destiny, which will be discussed later. After finishing it, you will have two choices on how to farm Exotic Class Items in Destiny 2: the Dual Destiny mission (guaranteed drop) or Pale Heart chests (rare drop). Finding a partner for the mission is difficult, so we recommend the second option.

Exotic Class Items guide

How to start Dual Destiny mission in Destiny 2

Before starting this segment, here is a heads-up: you need a partner to begin the Dual Destiny mission. You can’t complete it solo or in a trio.

Foremost, you need to beat the Overthrow activity in each location (The Landing, The Blooming, The Impasse). On each of these locations, a Hive Guardian will spawn. You need to find and eliminate them quickly while the area is cleared from enemies. The Witch in The Landing will spawn in the farthest cave, in The Blooming in the cave to the right of spawn, and The Impasse on the far right side of spawn. They can be easily found by the Taken dome.

Once you destroy three Witches, you’ll see a green beam in the sky, and you must head there from The Blooming.

A 7-minute timer will start when you arrive, and you have to head to The Refraction. There, you’ll see two pyramids with enemies underneath. Each player should stand under a specific pyramid. Eliminate all enemies until the Bosses appear, who will drop Light and Dark orbs. Quickly pick them up and take them back where you started to the marked location, depositing them into the corresponding wells. If you manage to do everything in time, a flag for the Dual Destiny Mission will appear.

Dual Destiny is a fully cooperative mission for two players, and we recommend you try it out yourself. It’s not too difficult, but we promise you’ll have a great experience. Consider it a reward for your efforts! Though, keep in mind that your loadout will be locked after starting the mission. So, we recommend equipping all the best weapons you can!

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Dual Destiny walkthrough

Did you experience any difficulties while playing this misssion? As this is a rather lengthy mission with a diverse range of stages, we suggest watching Datto’s video. It demonstrates all the mechanics clearly and explains how they work.

Exotic Class Items god rolls

Each Class Item has a massive number of perks for each class. We’ve already detailed the perks in the Prismatic guide, but you’re probably wondering which ones are best for you. In our opinion, there is no single god roll for every situation. You have infinite possibilities for PvP content like Trials and PvE content like raids, dungeons, nightfalls, etc. Nevertheless, we have prepared builds for each class using these items, which we recommend trying out:

Each of these builds can fully utilize the features of these Class Items. In a way, these can be Exotic Class Items god rolls for each class that you needed!

Final words on how to obtain Exotic Class Items 

That’s everything we can reveal about these unique Exotics in Destiny 2. If you have more questions, we can answer them in the comments below. Moreover, these aren’t the only Exotics with random rolls, so you should also try to obtain the Ergo Sum Sword with this guide! Don’t forget, if you have trouble completing this new quest or want to earn Exotic Class Items fast, you can use Final Shape services with the best D2 players available.

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Owl Guy
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Thank you Owl for another great guide. One question: it’s mentioned that we can farm the exotic by opening Pale Heart chests. Does that mean we don’t have to complete the Dual Destiny mission? and we just have to unlock it?

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Hi, Jon!

Thank you for the kind words! You have to complete the Dual Mission in order to get the Exotic Class Item. After that, there is a chance of getting them from the Pale Hearts chests, though it is a rare drop. In my experience, they dropped once after playing for two hours straight. So, if you have a friend who can play this mission with you, you can farm exotic class items there.


Can you get the class items on all characters if completed on the one or do you have to do the mission again??

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Hello! You have to complete this mission again on another character in order to get a class item for them. Also, if you haven’t done this mission on second or third character, you won’t need to unlock it again because it will available to start from the destination.


Fairly copy paste from reddit. You should really put emphasis that an wizard spawns somewhere after EACH overthrow is completed. Killing the third spawns the mission.

Go to the BLOOMING and look right for a distant large green beam of light.

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Hello! We updated this guide with new info and screenshots to make everything easier. Thank you for your feedback!


after I do the overthrow, nothing spawns for me. Am I doing it wrong or am I missing a step?

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Hi! I think you should Overthrow with someone in the team. Plus, I recommend checking out locations that I mentioned in the updated guide.


After each overthrow the area becomes quiet, you have to look for the hive wizard and you’ll know you’re near it it’ll show a silent wizard or something of that sort in texts on the bottom left of the screen. Then you have to kill the ads then kill each wizard but you can only do it while the timer is active after the overthrow and there is one in each area. Only have to kill them each once and then by the refraction a green light will spawn. Go to it after that

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Hello! We added walkthrough from Datto. There are a lot of mechanics in this mission, which is why it’s better to try it yourself or study it through a video where everything is shown.


We finished the mission and a curiosity came, what happens if you destroy your friend’s ghost?

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Hi! As far as we know, the choice does not greatly affect the outcome. Savathun tricks you and kills the team in any case. However, perhaps this is necessary for a secret triumph or something else.

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Hi, we added walktrough from Datto because in the video, it is much easier to understand all the mechanics and see how they work.