How to get all Destiny 2 Free Emblems

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Over the long lifespan of Destiny 2, a lot of free emblems came out that you can still get today. Some require certain efforts and actions from you, while others ask you to simply enter the code and immediately get them in the game. People often wonder where to earn them, and we decided to help solve this problem.

Today in this article, you’ll discover in detail where to find Destiny 2 emblems and how to unlock them to refresh your in-game profile. If you are ready and have launched the game, then let’s seek free emblems!


As strange as it may sound, over the years, Bungie has released a massive number of free emblems which can still be activated using particular codes. Each of them was for a notable occasion, whether it was an in-game event or a holiday. Recently, a Lunar New Year emblem came out and featured a cute bunny. And we won’t be surprised that with the release of Lightfall, there will be even more of them. In general, keep this convenient and helpful image if you want to activate all available Destiny 2 emblem codes.


The most challenging activities in Destiny 2 consistently reward those who complete them. Notably, Dungeons and Raids. You can get unique emblems for your account after finishing activities and completing various triumphs. Guardians can earn different rewards for completing a Raid on the first day, conquering solo flawless Dungeons, or simply finishing them for the first time. Not only do those emblems showcase your achievements, but they also add a visually stunning touch to your collection.

One of the rarest available emblems is for helping Guardians complete Raids through Guided Games. However, this emblem is very difficult to get due to the small number of people who want to use this feature.

By the way, there will be an opportunity to participate in completing the new Lightfall Raid. The exclusive new emblem will be yours if you complete it within 48 hours after the release. All these free emblems in Destiny 2 are incredibly valuable, so we encourage you to try your hand and luck.


Of course, those aren’t all methods to get free emblems. Bungie provides various in-game events once a season, such as the Festival of the Lost, Guardian Games, Solstice, and Dawning. In addition to unique guns, armor ornaments, and cosmetics, you can also get emblems here.

As extra, the studio frequently arranges various streams together with other Content Creators, where you may join Crucible matches with them or in other modes and receive unique rewards. As you might have guessed, there is a chance to obtain an emblem, and we all love emblem giveaways for Destiny 2.

Bungie also has a special “Bungie Rewards” program. They offer players with various achievements in Destiny 2. For example, by completing King’s Fall before September 6, you could purchase a unique ring from the Bungie Store. But at the moment, we are only interested in Digital Rewards.

Here you can usually see free emblems, which are provided when only a particular condition is met. Like in Season of the Haunted, you could obtain the “Operation Caliente” emblem for 7777 Solar final blows. The same goes for Season of Plunder, but this time it was required to create 7777 Arc final blows. Perhaps the developers will repeat this with the new Strand subclass, but we will leave these speculations for the future.

Become a Bungie member or forum moderator

Possibly the rarest and best emblems are for those who work at Bungie and help in the Destiny 2 development in any way. Acquiring those free Bungie emblems is very difficult, but with due persistence and the right skills, you can achieve this. Guardians still argue that the Bungie forum moderators got the prettiest emblems, but that’s their opinion. At the same time, fans who made third-party applications for Destiny 2 received exclusive emblems, which even the game developers don’t have.

Overall, by making an essential contribution to the community of this shooter, you have every chance to get a fabulous and rare emblem.


Every new season, Bungie kicks off new contests where artists, professionals, and fashion players can enter for exclusive and free emblem rewards in Destiny 2. All you have to do is share your artwork or videos on the Bungie Forums or Twitter. The best entries are brought on TWAB every week, and you shouldn’t miss them. The chances of winning are always here. If you are not lucky this season, don’t worry. You can always try again in the following ones.

Subscriptions and Prime Gaming

In 2023, online games often fall into various subscriptions, offering all sorts of bonuses. Whether it’s Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, or something else. In the case of Destiny 2, you can pick up the rewards in a subscription from Amazon — Prime Gaming.

You can sign up for a free period and pick up a lot of things in multiple games. For example, they allow us to get the exotic package and redeem a free emblem in Destiny 2, which looks actually neat! Only hurry up because the offer is limited, and on March 8, you will no longer be able to redeem Firmament.

These are all possible ways, thanks to which you are guaranteed a free emblem. Many things may require you to simply enter a code. And with due diligence, you can get the rarest one in the game for free. If you have no desire to do this and want to get them quickly, then our Destiny 2 services can easily solve these requests in the shortest possible time.

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