Destiny 2 Class Guide: How to Choose the Best Class for You

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Bungie has been developing the fascinating MMO project Destiny and its sequel within their studio for many years. Along with the flow of time, every class has dramatically evolved from its original versions and now plays a crucial role in the title’s overall gameplay. In Destiny 2, there are no class tier lists or clear-cut, straightforward choices for selecting an optimal class. Each of them features intricate mechanics and a unique playstyle approach.

After many hours of research and communication with the game’s professionals, WowVendor has compiled the perfect guide on how to pick the right class in Destiny 2. We will talk about their features, subclasses, and other interesting details that can inspire you to try one of the three classes. Make some tea, sit back, and it’s time to find the ideal guardian for you!


The first and most crucial step for a new player in Destiny 2 is choosing a class. Even though there are only three of them, your choice can lead to a long-term commitment with the class you have chosen for many years. Therefore, you must initially decide which will suit you the best. How can you do this? Well, either try them all by creating three different characters or read a brief summary of all three Guardians types to determine your best Destiny 2 class:

So, after reading the brief description, have you been able to make up your mind? Or, on the contrary, you’re having more doubts about the choice? Don’t worry. Our class guide for new Destiny 2 players is here to help. We will go into detail about each class and their unique aspects. There are a lot of pitfalls since even the subclasses themselves change your gameplay entirely, but more on that later.


Let’s start our tale with the lightning-fast Hunter. Many may mistakenly think that Hunter is the best class for PvP in Destiny 2. It is worth noting that all classes have their own advantages and disadvantages in Crucible, and it is impossible to say which is the best. Everything depends on your skill. The gameplay of its subclasses is very different from one another. In one, you hit all your enemies with your fists, while in the other, you try to hide from them with invisibility’s help. We understand how difficult it is to comprehend all the subclasses’ features; therefore, we will help you with this.

Nightstalker can be safely considered the most uncommon subclass in terms of gameplay. Playing it, you will feel like a hero from a stealth game, and invisibility is proof of that. Thanks to the unique aspects, you can get this buff in several ways. Also, Nightstalker is ideal for those who want to help their fireteam because Shadowshot is the strongest Debuff in the entire game.

But if you want to tear and throw a crowd of weak enemies or just one powerful foe, you can safely take Arcstrider. Its unique Melee ability called Combination Blow allows Hunters to deal massive damage. While Exotics, such as Assasin’s Cowl or Liar’s Handshake, will make them even stronger. Don’t forget that Super “Gathering Storm” is the strongest in terms of damage with the right build.

Gunslinger is an excellent choice if you want to have a balance between survivability and damage. With easy access to Restoration (a buff that heals you), you’ll be able to escape the most challenging situations smoothly. At the same time, your Knives and Supers will help you deal damage even better than your teammates. What can we say about the explosions of your enemies? Never get tired of looking at this beauty!

Of course, we didn’t forget Dark subclasses. Regardless, we decided to take a separate paragraph because not everyone starts their acquaintance with this MMO shooter from paid extensions. Revenant can safely be considered the weakest compared to alternatives. The lack of good Exotics and weak aspects for Endgame activities did their job. But with Threadrunner, the situation is the opposite. You can easily suspend everyone on the battlefield, deal decent damage with Super, and the icing on the cake will be the almost endless Grapple.


Moving on to the mighty class that is often referred to as the best choice for beginners in Destiny 2. Oddly enough, this is the most accessible class to familiarize oneself with Destiny 2 because it is incredibly balanced in PvP and PvE. No matter how many stereotypes there are that this class is only capable of brute force, its principal benefits lie not only in offense but also in defense.

If you want to become an immortal annihilation machine for your foes, then you will definitely like Sunbreaker. You can forget all about your other weapons because your best friend will now be the Throwing Hammer. It’s an infinite Melee ability that you can make even more vital with Aspects. Also, for destroying opponents with your abilities, you would create healing Sunspots. With this subclass, you will feel like a real Paladin.

On the other hand, Striker will turn your Titan into a Zeus because, with insane ability regen and their spam, no one can compare with him here. Due to the Touch of Thunder aspect, this subclass has the strongest Titan Super (Thundercrash) and the most powerful grenades. It’s impossible to complete Endgame activities without Arc Titan!

With Sentinel, you’ll become a genuine support for your team. In fact, you can buff the team in DPS phases in Raids or Dungeons with Ward of Dawn. At the same time, it has high survivability due to the Bastion aspect that buffs your Barricade, which will now grant Void Overshield. The right build can diversify your gameplay by shifting the focus to the enemy’s Debuff.

Let’s move on to the last two Darkness subclasses, which are also worth your attention. Behemoth is wholly focused on creating Stasis crystals, which you can use to freeze enemies, shatter them, and defend yourself. Berserker is the perfect balance between control and aggression. You can keep enemies in permanent Suspend, allowing you to close the distance without any problems.


The last one on the list, but not the least by importance, is the Warlock. A curious class in terms of their challenging gameplay approach, and for some considered a superior choice for PvE-only activities. As already described in the section about Hunter and Titan, Warlock subclasses change his gameplay in many different ways.

One of the leading favorites in choosing a subclass in Destiny 2 among Warlocks is the Voidwalker. They love it for being the most pleasant gameplay-wise subclass, having a lot of strengths, and being helpful in many activities. Its abilities can impose debuffs on opponents (various grenades, Void Soul, etc.), allowing them to crush combatants in batches. In addition, a buff such as Devour for Warlocks is much easier to get than for Titans and Hunters, making the game feel pleasing. Combined with Powerful Exotics, it’s no wonder so many people love to play and experiment with Voidwalker.

Dawnblade is the main reason why players call Warlocks the best class for PvE in Destiny 2. The firepower of this class efficiently provides support to allies. And it is also the strongest among all subclasses in Endgame activities. In the community, Well of Radiance has become one of the iconic Supers due to its effectiveness in Raids and GM Nightfalls. But only some people know that these Warlocks are the only ones able to create a Restoration x2 buff, which allows them to heal fully in a couple of seconds. If we recommend focusing on something on the Warlock, it would definitely be Solar.

Stormcaller is probably the most controversial of all Warlock’s Light Subclasses. They can’t be described in any particular way, but they are the easiest option to spam abilities and clear mobs. We can recommend the Ark to those who want to focus not on weapons but on lightning magic because this is the peculiarity of sorcerers for some.

The other two Darkness subclasses, namely Shadebinder and Broodweaver, stand out in Warlock no less. With Stasis, you can keep the battlefield in a perpetual state of being frozen, which is already much stronger than Hunter and Titan. While your opponents are resting, you can shatter them and not worry about the fireteam’s life. And with Strand, you can create an entire army of minions to take down enemies for you. Plus, you can expand your Threadlings army with the right build and an Exotic called Swarmers boots.


In Destiny 2, class rankings aren’t really welcomed. After all, every class has its own pros and cons. Even if you hesitate with the initial choice, you will be satisfied with the class and love it more than any other after the game. And we are sure that after our Destiny 2 class comparison, you will be able to choose one and immerse yourself in the unforgettable world of Destiny 2.

Otherwise, for beginners, we have prepared a lot of guides for diving into Destiny 2: Lightfall, such as Exotic Armor for each class (Hunter, Warlock, and Titan) or what weapons are best to take on Raids. And if you want to get help from the game pros, then check out some Destiny 2 Services to get the passage of any activity or any desired weapon or armor.

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