Gjallarhorn Appeared in the Recent Rick and Morty Episode

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Gjallarhorn Appeared in the Recent Rick and Morty Episode

Destiny is far from an underground franchise and has been played by many gamers worldwide. Moreover, you can often spot various Easter Eggs about this MMO shooter in games and other media. One such example is a recent episode of Rick and Morty, which made a reference to a well-known weapon from the game.

In Episode 9 of Season 7, the grandfather and his grandson end up in a real Valhalla, where everyone is constantly fighting. In one of the episode’s scenes, the show’s protagonists have to defend themselves against the local Vikings, and Morty uses the Gjallarhorn from Destiny 2 to instantly crush everyone. You can find this fragment at 10:05

Notably, the weapon not only fits the episode’s theme since it has Viking roots, but it also functions exactly as it does in the game, splitting the missiles into Wolfpack Rounds and heading straight for the enemies!

Fans noticed this on Reddit and Twitter, and many commented that it’s a very cool tribute to the game. Some jokingly suggest that a collaboration between these two franchises may be coming soon and that cosmetic items may appear in Destiny 2.


This isn’t the first time Rick and Morty have made a reference to video game franchises. In the same episode, Rick uses a Pokéball to summon Bigfoot, and in Season 3 Episode 10, Rick and Morty played Minecraft, praising the game.

What did you think of the episode? Have you watched it yet, or have you not been following Rick and Morty for a while? Tell us about this in the comments!

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looks like a cobbled together weapon don’t see much of a reference to anything destiny here


It looks like if someone tried to draw Gjallarhorn from memory or from a description, without using a picture as reference.


As a Destiny 2 fan, it does not function exactly like in the game, but fun to see the cross over

Plain Janesays:

what’s the last you remember I think the night family is when I stopped watching at the Star wars episode