Everything We Know About Destiny 3: All Leaks and News

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All Destiny 3 news and leaks in one place! Learn everything you need about the new Destiny game!

Everything We Know About Destiny 3

With each passing day, more information is revealed about Destiny 3 and the trilogy of the famous MMO shooter. It all started with a simple Reddit post, and now we are learning more about this game. So, let’s try to delve into everything that is currently known about the third Destiny game.

Disclaimer: The Destiny 3 leaker doesn’t know whether Destiny 3 is still in development or not. That’s why you should take all the information below with a grain of salt.

Destiny 3 Leaks

Destiny 3 Code Name is Payback

Let’s start with the very first piece of information that appeared about Destiny 3. The game was first mentioned by a Reddit user on February 28, who leaked information about the Prism Subclass prematurely. According to them: “Destiny 3 is (was? idk) in development under the code name Payback.” As they later explain in another post:

“Codename Payback refers to Bungie getting payback against themselves by creating something they hope everyone will love.”

32638272187, Reddit Leaker

It is unknown how much creative control the developers have, but this message clearly shows a big desire to fix most of the problems of the current game.

Destiny 3 is a Full Game – Not D2 DLC

Like many others, you might think that Destiny 3 is a possible expansion for Destiny 2. However, the same leaker reports that it is a separate game that doesn’t even rework D2. The game has been in development since The Witch Queen, but unfortunately, it is not with as large a team as Destiny 2 or Marathon.

There Will Be No More Classes in Destiny 3

Yes, you read this right. One of the main features of Destiny 3 is the complete absence of Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters as classes. Moreover, the primary confirmation of this is that even in the lore, it’s said that Guardians can learn the abilities of other classes. That’s what happens in The Final Shape, where we’ll be able to use the abilities of other classes through the Prismatic Subclass.

Destiny 2 Items May Not Be Transferable to Destiny 3

The same leaker mentioned that they’re not sure whether the developers have plans to transfer items to Destiny 3. There might be another Sunsetting once agaian, and players will have to level up from scratch.

Final Words

At this point, this is all we know about Destiny 3. There isn’t much information yet, but we will gradually update the article adding more details about the project. If you want to follow the leaks on your own, we recommend keeping an eye on that Reddit User who leaks them, or just following this blog for constantly up-to-date information from other sources!

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