Everything You Should Know about the Fastest Sparrow in Destiny 2

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The Fastest Sparrow in Destiny 2

In any game, it is common to move around by walking on our own two feet. Sometimes, this process could be overly prolonged, and therefore, mounts were invented in MMOs. While developing Destiny, Bungie thought long about what could replace them and came up with the idea of an actual vehicle from the future called Sparrow.

With the development of this franchise, many different types of other sparrows appeared here, which differed from each other in various aspects. Be it the overall appearance, some sound or visual effects, or the overall effectiveness of their use. Precisely because of the latter point, players often wonder: “Where can you find Destiny 2 Fastest Sparrow and how to get it?” And you’ll be surprised because we have the answer to the question.

So sit back, enter the game, and get ready to farm!

What is the Fastest Sparrow in Destiny 2?

If you have been playing D2 for a long time, then you know there are rare and even legendary Sparrows in the game, and the Exotic versions are the best ones. If you acquire an Exotic Sparrow in Destiny, then you have the fastest Sparrows with 160 speed. Right? As it turns out, that’s not the case because one particular vehicle outperforms every single transport model in the MMO Shooter.

Best Sparrow Destiny 2

Meet  the “Always on Time” Exotic Sparrow (AoT) from the Scourge of the Past Raid, designed to truly amaze players with its rareness and uniqueness to boast about to everyone. But something went wrong, and those small changes to the transport’s uniqueness led to “AoT” receiving a bug that made it surpass any other Exotic vehicle. Without a doubt, it is the best Sparrow Destiny 2 ever had, and here are the reasons:

Bungie’s former leading community manager, dmg04, stated that fixing this transport is more complex than it might seem at first glance. Essentially, Bungie would have to remove it from the game and make it again from scratch, but the studio does not see the point. Moreover, in the preview article of weapon changes in Season of the Deep, you can discover a small teaser at the very end. Developers are working on transport changes, which may please some of you:

Bungie’s Quote from Season 21 Preview Article:

“In the more distant future, we’re working on an update to Sparrows that will allow players to use their favorites instead of Always on Time (without touching AoT itself).”

How long to wait for the changes is unclear, but most likely, we’ll see them with the release of Season 23 or The Final Shape DLC. 

How to Get the Fastest Sparrow in Destiny 2 2023?

Previously, Guardians could be lucky, and the “Always on Time” Sparrow dropped as a reward for finishing the last encounter in Scourge of the Past. Since the Raid was archived in the DCV (Destiny Content Vault), the only way to obtain one of the best Raid Sparrows is to travel to the Tower and purchase it from the Monument to Lost Lights in the Forsaken Exotics archive. You have to pay a considerable sum of 1 Exotic Cipher, 150,000 Glimmer, 240 Spoils of Conquest, and 2 Ascendant Shards. And believe us, once the “AoT” bug is fixed, you won’t find other Destiny best sparrows with faster speeds.

Final Words

That’s essentially all we know about the quickest vehicle and how to obtain it. Yes, it will take a lot of time to acquire, but afterward, you will become the quickest rider whom bullets can’t catch.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop by the comments, where we’ll discuss anything you’re interested in.

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