What we know about Episode Echoes in Destiny 2

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It’s time to learn everything you should know about Episode Echoes in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 Episode Echoes Overview

We have been waiting for this for a long time, and finally, Episode Echoes is here. The question arises: what is unique about it, and what content awaits us there? In this article, we will detail all the features of Destiny 2 Echoes and what you can expect from it. So, please sit back and let’s get started!

Episode Echoes Overview

As Bungie promised, the Final Shape year will introduce a new seasonal format called Episodes. One of the main differences is that the Episodes will last much longer (4 months), which means there will be more content than usual.

During this time, players will receive new content in so-called Acts. These will open not only story missions but also new content such as more weapons, more activities like Battlegrounds or Exotic Missions, and even more. Specifically, in this episode, we will face Vex on a gradually changing Nessus.

Episode Echoes Release Date

As we mentioned earlier, Episode Echoes will be divided into three acts, each released gradually. The sequence will be as follows:

Episode Echoes Story

In Echoes, players will go to Nessus after one of the Witness’s Echoes infiltrates the depths of this minor planet. Suddenly, a new enemy emerged, and the Vex began to obey a creature that had seized this unknown artifact. Guardians, along with Saint-14 and Osiris, must go to the gradually changing planet and prevent this unknown threat.

Episode Echoes Activities

Activities in Echoes will open gradually, but upon the release of Act 1, the 3-player Breach Executable activity will be available. This will be an Arena mission in which you have to complete specific objectives to move on to the next location and, in the end, fight against a boss. In some places, you will have to clear the area of Vex, while in others, defend points to prevent enemies from reaching them.

In Act 2, players will get three new Battleground Missions to explore and complete, while in Act 3, you’ll experience a new Exotic Mission that has a fresh gun for you to obtain.

Episode Echoes Weapons

Echoes will introduce ten new Echo weapons and five more guns from Season of Dawn, which have received complete reworks and a unique origin trait. However, we will have only six Echo weapons in the first Act, and with each Act, we will get access to four more guns. This also applies to Dawn guns, which will be added with the new Acts. Now, let’s talk about them individually.

Echo weapons have a Radiolaria Transposer origin trait, which allows them to cause targets to explode and create a pool of radiolarian fluid upon a rapid kill. Here is a list of all Echo weapons:

Echo Weapons
(Source: Bungie)

Season of Dawn weapons will get the Cast No Shadows origin trait that increases handling and loads ammo into the magazine by dealing melee damage. And that’s the list of all Season of Dawn weapons:

Season of Dawn weapons
(Source: Bungie)

Episode Echoes Armor

Of course, don’t forget you can get two new armor sets for your Guardians. The first one is called Chromacloak, and it is available exclusively in Season Pass. The second one will be available for the new Echo activities. Be sure to get them while you can!

Episode Echoes Artifact

The Artifact in Echoes got one significant change, which Bungie mentioned in their latest TWID. Echoes Act 2 and 3 will add new Artifact rows that will allow Guardians more opportunities to experiment in their gameplay or, in some things, make them even stronger than before. Sadly, we don’t know if players will have the ability to activate more than 12 perks, but we’ll await more details closer to the second Act.

Episode Echoes Artifact

Final Words on Episode Echoes Guide

That’s what you can expect in the first episode of Destiny 2. If you have more questions about it, you can ask us in the comments, and we will gladly answer them. Also, you can check out other cool articles in our blog, like the best Final Shape weapons you should get right now!

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