Destiny 2 Episode: Echoes Act III leaks of story and weapons

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The first Episode: Echoes Act III leaks have appeared online, revealing some plot details, as well as unique weapons.

Spoiler warning!

The following article contains spoilers of D2 Episode: Echoes Act II and Act III, including story ones, so read at your own risk.

BungieLeaks tweeted details about the new Choir of One Exotic weapon, which can be obtained in Episode: Echoes Act III. Choir of One is a craftable Void Auto Rifle you can get via Exotic Mission “Encore” in Act III. In addition, the beginning and ending cutscenes of Episode: Echoes Act II have become known.

Destiny 2 Choir of One Exotic Auto Rifle

Choir of One Exotic perks:

Choir of One Exotic Catalysts:

Catalyst quests:

No less interesting is the Choir of One lore tab. The tab contains a short story about one Vex who has gained self-awareness. The very name of the weapon, Choir of One, hints at this. Most likely, this story will lead to the plot of the next Destiny 2 Episode: Revenant.

“The Vex Goblin waded into the lake of radiolaria with the same unerring purpose to which it approached all things. As directed, as designed. Its own mass of radiolaria crawled and coiled through its body like worms through the thick soil of Nessus. Its Mind was elsewhere, the great roots of thought buried deep into it and every other Vex enslaved beneath it.

The soft shimmer of white enveloped the Vex up to its knee joint. Then a hand reached out to it. The Vex felt a press against its cranium. A thumbprint. An activation code. Biometric data. The radiolaria inside it lit up with activity and noise, burning through its metal body.

Then, disarticulated. It trembled and fell apart; limbs unjoined, chassis cracked and curled. A globule of radiolaria disseminated throughout the lake, reclaimed.

But something called it to rise.

Then, rejoined. Its pieces slotted together and moved flawlessly. It rose steadily, balanced, formed with utter perfection. The radiolaria slid from its body in droplets that separated, reformed, separated, reformed.

Each one a mind. Each mind a thought.

The Vex felt the soft split of its own mind as that thought sharpened in its cranium. A burst of light. A sharp spark.

A choice.

It looked to its creator and bowed.”

—   Choir of One lore

Destiny 2 Episode: Echoes Act II cutscenes

Moreover, the opening and final cutscenes of Episode: Echoes Act II will also serve as a lead-up to the next Episode. Our Guardian will have to meet Maya Sundaresh again but in a different guise.

D2 Episode: Echoes Act II beginning cutscene

D2 Episode: Echoes Act II ending cutscene

We’ll monitor developments and update this article as new details emerge. In the meantime, you can watch all the latest Solstice 2024 leaks or The Final Shape another ending.

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