Destiny 2 Episode 2 won’t have story time gate: stream recap

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Did you miss the new Bungie stream? No worries because this article will fully recap that stream!

Destiny 2 Episode 2 wont have story time gate stream recap

Bungie shared a lot of news during the Episode Echoes Act 2 stream, and today, we have gathered all the details. Let’s not waste your time and dive right into everything that was shown.

Future episode story changes

In Episode 2, the story acts will no longer have time gates, and you will be able to complete it on the first day. In Episode Echoes, this system will not be present, but the first two Battlegrounds will be available at launch, while the third will require waiting until the next reset.

Echoes: Act 2 weapons

If you read our article on the best Echoes weapons in Destiny 2, you know that three new weapons will become available in the second Act: Corrasion Arc 2-burst pulse rifle, Aberrant Action Solar rocket sidearm, and Perfect Paradox Kinetic shotgun.

Echoes: Act 2 artifact mods

As you know, we will receive more Artifact modifications for each Act. The developers managed to show just a little about what Artifact mods to expect:

Echoes: Act 2 balance changes

Surprisingly, Act 2 will bring many buffs and other changes, primarily aimed at PvE:

Solstice 2024 armor sets

As a final bonus, developers decided to show the upcoming Armor sets that you’ll be able to get in the Solstice event on August 6.

Final words

So, here you go! The full Episode Echoes Act 2 stream recap is done, and now you know more about what to expect next week. Remember to mark July 16 on your calendar and prepare for the upcoming event, which will be very soon.

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